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A Toast To ALL The Biker Woman

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A Toast To ALL The Biker Woman


Who brighten up our lives, the ones who ride behind us, sometimes at our sides or out in the front.

It takes a righteous woman to love a biker man, to pay the dues, follow the rules, and only a few can.

They're the ones I'm toasting, the biker woman in our lives. So, lift your mugs and let’s drink to the biker woman.

That rare and special breed, who care for us, who don't laugh at us, but laugh with us, who shed tears for us, and understand our creed.

They feed us when were hungry, they warm us when were cold, sometimes they drive us crazy by not doing what they're told.

But when we stick our chests out, they're there to watch our backs. and when we turn the lights out, they’re waiting in the sack.

We wash our dirty dishes, and they polish up our chrome, they pay our bail when were in jail and we make our hovels home.

Although we seldom say so, and some of us never do, we love our women deeply with a love that both strong and true.

When we take them riding, or meet them in the wind, we know we are with our lover, friends, our own kind.

Bless the biker woman one by one, because, Lord knows without them life wouldn’t be much fun.

They party hearty with us, and match us drink for drink, they squeeze our bulging muscles, and laugh at all our jokes.

They tease us and tempt us, with their charms. They whisper sweet things in our ears, and snuggle in our arms. But, above all else, we are companions in life.

They wile us and beguile us, they impress us with their class, and just when we think we’ve got them all figured out, they show us their butts.

But that’s part of the spirit that makes them who they are, and if they don’t have it, we wouldn’t go far.

Down all the roads we’ve ridden, They’re the best we’ve ever found. So, Bro's lets drink to the ladies but only where they buy us another round.

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Hmmmmm I like Her Rear =


Get you Head out of the Gutter as I was talking about Her Bike :o

Me Being a Harley Rider maybe I should have found a Biker Woman and then I would have gotten a Divorce as Biker Ride Free and Live Free  :matrix::beach2:


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