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What's the best android to windows backup software?

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I used some software in the past that sort of worked, but I would absolutely love it if any of you could give me your personal reviews that you all have used? It's specifically for a Samsung 10 to Windows 10. Thank you to anyone that can take the time to help me out... :sun:

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Sorry I'm late to the party -- but I was randomly scrolling and saw this unanswered thread.

I do two forms of backup from my Samsung phone to my Win10 desktop -- actually, three forms!

1) Backup internal personal files for safe keeping -- pictures, contacts, movies, music, videos.  Use an Android app WiFile File Transfer Pro.  Allows me to access the phone by connecting it to my local network over my internal router and the WiFi on the phone. Enter an HTML address it provides into File Manager and up comes a window with the phone's file system on it.  Can copy files an folders FROM the phone or TO the phone.  This prevents my phone's storage from filling up by moving personal stuff I want to keep to the large external drives attached to the desktop PC.

2) Backup music and videos from the SD card.  I have the phone setup to use the SD card for ALL video stuff.  That way, if the phone dies, I still have the video stuff on the card. I remove the SD card from the phone, plug it into the PC using an adapter card, copy the contents to a folders on a backup drive.  I do this on a monthly basis to prune and update my music and video selections on the phone. That way the stuff I'm currently interested in is on the phone, the older stuff on the backup drives.

3) Create a complete backup of the phone onto a backup drive on the desktop.  Have used MOBILedit! Forensic Express, latest version was v5.3.0.12966 in mid 2018.  I did this then because I was looking seriously into ROOTING the phone, as there was a LOT of tech advice available on various cell phone forums and some very interesting alternate phone OSs out there.  But I decided against that because I have no money any more to replace my 5 year old phone and will simply live with what I have now. Since I'm not about to trash my phone by ROOTING it, I've come to realize that I don't need an image backup of it -- thus I have not used this since and have not looked for more recent versions.

I think I read that Samsung Smart Switch will also allow you do to a full backup of your phone to the PC but since my other methods work for me, I have not tried it.


Hope this helps in some way.

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