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laptop build opinions

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I am looking at buying a new laptop. I am not a gamer, not do I need the highest end unit)  It's pretty easy to compare them based on the stated components.  But my last two laptops, dell and hp  have had problems with failing cooling fans, failed headset jack,  speaker failure, hinges breaking (causing the screen and cover to separate, etc).  So how about build quality?  eg: Lenovo thinkpads seem to have a good reputation (I am thinking of L series).  Are  they really any better than others?  Or Acer, as bad as people say?

What are your experiences, impressions of the various brands and models  regards the construction?  hinges failing, screen failure, component failure, etc.

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I have a HP with 16GB of Ram and a Intel Optane with a 1TB drive and it work Great, Oh and it has the 10th Gen Intel CPU

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