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Alldata Repair 10.53 full acces to application

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Hi all... I have been a member here for quite a while but until I am able to afford to donate I try to avoid asking for anything special however. I got my hands on the auto repair software Alldata all 750 gig of it. Unfortunately I dont know how to gain full access to it. I have a crack from Ollie which only requires you replace ace.exe file and block app any access to internet

unfortunately it wont let me see tech notices because I dont have a key


Can anyone help I am going nuts watching videos all the wrong how to videos  I found an old request on this forum for this software from 2015 but I am really hoping someone has a current solution

 this is the folder full of the files I have  its quite extensive


ALLDATA 10.53 2013.Q3 Full Set - Domestic/Asian/Europe on 90xDVD9 (1982-2014)




I hope I am not breaking any rules mentioning the above link


Any and all help is immensely appreciated



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