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  1. Tech 425

    Nosy Buggers

    Yep that is Funny
  2. Tech 425

    TAGs ?

    Tags are not required, But will make it easier for someone doing a search Like if you do a Search for Queen of the South my post will show But Please remember to post in the right sections Thank you, Administrator P.S. I went and looked at the posts you tagged and fixed them, Please take a look
  3. Tech 425

    Mp4 To DVD

    I found this also, But like I said I'm not sure as I don't do this anymore
  4. Tech 425

    Mp4 To DVD

    I did a quick search and I'm not sure if this will help, But here is what I found Aimersoft DRM Media Converter v1.5.5 http://rg.to/file/15e266a0b8d7700ce6ef6d73d0e8ded6/Aimersoft_DRM_Media_Converter_v1.5.5_MultiLingual_Incl_Serial.rar.html Also in the past I've used ConvertXtoDVD, But I'm not sure if it will
  5. Tech 425

    You Know You Re An Idiot When

    How did you know "12. You study for a blood test and fail." hahaha
  6. Tech 425

    How old is your hearing?

    Dam I'm old now = 78 But I'm well younger than that
  7. Tech 425

    Cant use Fingerprint on Windows 10 v1803

    I think it's under Windows Hello, You might have to enable it under settings
  8. Tech 425

    Blonde Stewardess

    Dang it uk666 how did you know about my Daughter
  9. 1. Yes 2. Not telling as I'm not faster than a Formula 1 car = Formula 1 car (231.5 mph) - Me (2.3 mph) ;) 3. Interesting :)
  10. Tech 425

    Funny Pictures

  11. Tech 425

    Garden of Hedon

    Yep I agree with Rædwulf
  12. Tech 425


    Good Day Shammy1989 :)
  13. Tech 425

    Pin Boys

    The Good Old Days
  14. Tech 425

    The vulture and the little girl

    Very Sad
  15. Tech 425

    App UI

    Nice - May I ask what app on Android?
  16. Tech 425

    An office prayer

  17. Tech 425

    Nowhere to go

    Sorry I couldn't Like the post as it's Sad
  18. Tech 425

    Stress relief method

    Yep I feel alot better now
  19. Tech 425

    Notice notice

    Hmmm can I tell you where to put your "Notice" ------ In the notice drawer
  20. Tech 425

    Retired and loving it

    Hello Cunnuk, Welcome to CyberPhoenix I hope you enjoy your stay and come back often Please follow CyberPhoenix Rules and if you don't see something you want then use Search We also have a Request Section if you can't find something you want Become a CyberPhoenix VIP for Premium Accounts and alot more Administrator
  21. Tech 425

    Periodic table of Typefaces

    Thank you GlaSs MaSter - This will help my Daughter
  22. Dang Marktechs Have you tried MOBILedit Forensic
  23. Tech 425

    Puzzles - Hunt For Hidden Letters

    Well I didn't do as bad as I thought when I started