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    Yup - Just FRED... Ha Ha...
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    Lived up to her species... Ha Ha...
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    I don't know if this is just me but I was willing to see for myself and tried Multihoster and downloaded the same file through that and Alldebrid. I was shocked at the difference in download speed of this same Rapidgator file. I downloaded both versions at normal download speed with my Mac and got Then I used IDM (I have Parallels and Windows 10 as IDM is Windows only) and got In both cases the top lines are the Alldebrid link with the Mutihoster being the bottom line. You can clearly see the huge difference in download speed with Alldebrid being 20 to 100 times faster. I was shocked at what I found and unless Alldebrid don't have the filehost I need I think I won't be using Multihoster.
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    that is just breathtaking, wow.. the teacher should be hung by her toes for ruining that "ART"..
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    I want to donate $15 using paypal
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    Good to know Michael Anthony landed on his feet (foot?) after being fired from Van Halen.
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    yeah for sure, i agree.. i think im gunna get a 30 day subscription to Real-Debrid for Christmas.. it's only like $5, now that's a legit deal..
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