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  3. rocket66

    FreeRapid Downloader

    files have gone
  4. Rædwulf

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    I'd say it would be missing drivers but if it recognized and showed the drive then it had the proper drivers. The fact that diskpart wouldn't recognize it makes me lean toward it being a dead drive. I've tried all the secrets and tips out there for when this happens and nothing usually works when it comes to a drive being dead. Was this a drive that had data saved on it or just a drive for an OS?
  5. Zulu3475

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Smooth, Thank you. I will try to look for driver. Cheer
  6. Smooth

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Does Patroit have any software for this drive? Maybe a firmware update? Could just be dead, But I would go to them and there support pages.
  7. Do you have your Firefox or other browsers set to "only use secure connection" in their settings? This can cause that warning because this site isn't https...
  8. It's working now but has that https warning.
  9. Is this on a PC/laptop or on a phone? I would suggest disabling any sort of adblocking or script-blocking addons and software while using Firefox to access the site and let me know, okay...
  10. Zulu3475

    SSD Internal Hard Drive "Dead"

    Hello All, I have been using Patriot Burst SSD 480GB internal drive for a while. A couple days ago, its disappears no longer show up in Windows 10 Disk Management. CMOS recognized the drive.(without description). I was attempting to reinstall windows and windows showing the drive as allocate drive. it allowed me to allocate the space. But, it will for let me format or install windows. I used diskpart and scanned several time and it does not show the dead SSD drive. I also used several utilities software to detect the dead SSD,. but no luck. I am not sure if there is hope repair SSD. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. MT
  11. trigent

    Keith Jarrett Koln Concert

    There are lots of versions of the this, by other artists on youtube, but I can't find a copy anywhere, of the full concert by Jarrett himself. anyone?
  12. i don't have admin status anymore i invited "Lori.Yagami" to share movie dloads here .

  13. Capt-jack

    Free YouTube Download Premium Multilingual

    File not found!
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  16. ShAmmY1989

    Best Tool For Free up Windows 10 Junk files

    Welcome Buddy
  17. ShAmmY1989

    World best 360 Photos & Videos

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  18. ShAmmY1989

    My Fav Windows Collection (10/8.1/7/XP)

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  19. ShAmmY1989

    AOMEI Backupper Pro 5.3 License key Giveaway

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  20. ratt121

    AOMEI Backupper Pro 5.3 License key Giveaway

    Thanks you so much for the link
  21. ratt121

    My Fav Windows Collection (10/8.1/7/XP)

    Thanks you so much for the link
  22. ratt121

    World best 360 Photos & Videos

    Thanks you so much for the link
  23. littlebit

    Microsoft Solitaire turns 30 years old today

    Is there, by any chance, a link to obtain the Solitaire game?
  24. Mr Grumpy

    Hi all

    Hi ghost 67 and welcome to Cyberphoenix. Please ensure you follow all our rules especially the English only one. Breaking that rule will not be tolerated.
  25. ghost67


    work yet, thx you
  26. ghost67

    Summitsoft Creative Fonts 1000 Colors v1.0.0

    thx for sharing great collection
  27. ghost67

    Hi all

    im Davi from italy, i found this site and i think its very intersting and very kind in graphic. thx for accept me.
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