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  2. Mr Grumpy

    Hi all

    Hi ghost 67 and welcome to Cyberphoenix. Please ensure you follow all our rules especially the English only one. Breaking that rule will not be tolerated.
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  4. ghost67

    Summitsoft Creative Fonts 1000 Colors v1.0.0

    thx for sharing great collection
  5. ghost67

    Hi all

    im Davi from italy, i found this site and i think its very intersting and very kind in graphic. thx for accept me.
  6. ghost67

    Before I was a Mom/Dad

    new thoughs of the world?
  7. ghost67

    Coca-Cola joins Facebook boycott

    facebook...bad company
  8. ghost67

    Puzzle: River Crossing

    damn i was not able
  9. ghost67

    Cannot Post My Signature

    i dont had problem in this i tested
  10. ghost67

    How to add pictures in a post?

    always code img , good know
  11. ghost67

    How to say Thank You post in Downloads

    thx a lot , noted
  12. windows 8.1, I was getting info off a problem laptop. During the copy process the laptop stopped recognizing the usb port (this is my problem for laptop). Now external drive says to format. I looked on internet and one source says to use chkdsk to repair and another said not to do that, can't remember all the instructions it said to use. So before I do anything could someone give me advice of how to get this working as it has my info I was trying to save? I guess this is a common problem, I just dont want to take the chance of loosing my data. Thanks in advance. JJ
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  14. makongma

    BurnAware Professional

    It's late then never thanks for your reply. Yes my OS is old but I have no choice I could not afford to buy a new PC. I am a old man. What I can say is that I could run this app. in v14.9 without problems. I tried even portable version. In the latest V15.4, I got a pop-out saying "Datadisc- burndevice index out of bounds". Any ideas to this problem.
  15. Hi there, Are you guys familiar with Photo Key? It is one of the very best programs around for compositing several images into one. The company has now done a major upgrade, including switching from 24 bits per pixel to 48 and implementing their algorithms entirely in the GPU for lightening-fast responses. The GUI of the program is quite similar to its predecessor PhotoKey 8, for which there is a loader available. So it's possible that the new code could be made to work with minor fixes to the losee. Thank you!!!!! Homedoc2k
  16. Smooth

    BurnAware Professional

    THis may be late but what cd-dvd burner are you useing? How old is your setup? Windows 7 is very old. Windows 10 came out in 2015.
  17. want to make a $25 donation, supvstan@hotmail.com

  18. makongma

    BurnAware Professional

    Hello pals I am having problem in this mentioned software, it does not successfully burn Data Disc . It hang during hang at the compilation stage. I tried to download from other source and all having the same problem. My OS. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32 bit. I do hope someone can help me Thanks.
  19. Thank you for all your generous shares.  Having issues with this one. Error message says that installer is damaged.

    Would it be at all possible for you to check, and possibly re up? 

    Thanks in advance


  20. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me Which uploading website is best for Earning ? Regards.
  21. SlaveTrainer

    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    Thanks for letting us know it works for others.
  22. Tex01

    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    This worked for me. Thank you so much.
  23. oreome

    laptop build opinions

    Thanks for the post and replies Worked on pc's for a few years and once had a desktop on the bench that was having issues. Went online to look for new drivers to do a reinstall but found a post which said that the PC had been built exclusively for walmart and that the mother board was so bad that it would be a waste of time to do a reinstall. Never buy anything with moving parts from Walmart, or anything else if you can help it.
  24. SlaveTrainer

    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    I leeched it off another site so go ahead. I just knew it would be an aid to some folks here. Glad it was a useful link.
  25. core.lokt

    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    THANK You Very Much ! Can I copy your reply & paste it in the TurboTax threads so others that need this can find it ?
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