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  2. Mr Grumpy

    Hello everyone

    Hi naeli, welcome to CyberPhoenix and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please follow our rules and please ask if you need help.
  3. Smooth

    Getting strange download

    reset your internet browser setting
  4. Danm

    Getting strange download

    Every time I open my computer I get a download called notification.mp3 from this site. I'm not sure what it is but I keep getting it and it seems to be blank when I try to play it. How can I stop this from downloading each time? Thanks for any help
  5. bella101uk

    Colourbox album by Colourbox

    Released in 1985. TIA
  6. Debugger

    Hi all

    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  7. Debugger


    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  8. Debugger

    Hi, my name is...

    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  9. Debugger

    Hi All

    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  10. Debugger

    High five!

    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  11. Debugger

    Niman Here

    Welcome to C to the Y to the P, CyberPhoenix!
  12. Blu_Thunder

    Circle Icon Pack v1.1

    Liks have been deleted...
  13. Link has been deleted from Drop Box
  14. Blackrome03

    Bluetooth not available on device

    Solved I had to hold down the power button for 10 seconds on my laptop until it turns off, then unplug my power cable from my laptop, wait 30 seconds plug the power cable back in then turn on the laptop and all good. If anyone has a similar issue try this method as it worked for me hope all is well
  15. Blackrome03

    Bluetooth not available on device

    Hello All I have lost Bluetooth access on my Dell laptop and I'm having trouble connecting it as the online fix(s) hasn't worked at all. Below is an over view of where everything stands currently. Under Device Manager Bluetooth is not shown Under shown hidden devices I'm able to view But I'm not able to update anything Are there any options to connect my Bluetooth again? I'm not sure why it started working in the first place. Thanks to all that can provide support
  16. Niman

    Niman Here

    First I want to thank the owner of the site, then the Admins and Staff that do all the things behind the scenes. I've been online since 1970 when my high school had a ticker-tape and a phone modem hookup to a Control Data mainframe. I'm retired now and enjoying watching some TV and older movies and listening to audio-books.
  17. rahulko25

    Avolites Personality Builder v3.2

    how to download without registration- Avolites Personality Builder v3.2 if any one have plz share it frnd
  18. CyberGod

    High five!

    Hello Borat Welcome to Cyberphoenix Please follow the rules and ask if there is any thing not clear and happy stay and posting
  19. Borat Sagdiyev

    High five!

    Hello, my name is Borat. I am new in town. I say hello?
  20. xeno51

    Hi All

    Looks like a nice helpful community, glad to be here...
  21. Blackrome03

    ASUS Laptop not charging

  22. Smooth

    ASUS Laptop not charging

    You may want to open the cover and look at the battery. Look for any size change in it like swelling and so on. And keep in mind batterys do go bad.
  23. Five is the only one that isn't blocked so 5 is the one.
  24. Blackrome03

    ASUS Laptop not charging

    The laptop is bout 8 years or more old... it's weird one day the laptop shut off then when I restarted it I saw it wasn't charging at all... this laptop has a non removable battery... I don't think it's the cable cord issue as once it stays plugged in the laptop is still at 0% but if I unplug it shutdown
  25. Smooth

    ASUS Laptop not charging

    How old is this laptop? Does it work on power with no charge? can you remove the battery and put in back in?
  26. ski9826

    FreeRapid Downloader

    Main links on site not working, but mirrors are
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