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  1. Tech 425

    VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

    What do you mean? Yes there is Lifetime Subscription @ $39.99 for 5 Devices (I'm using it for a very long time)
  2. Tech 425

    Best Position for Prayer

    Yep as a Communication Technician I would have to agree with the Repairman said
  3. Tech 425

    Grammer Checker & Editing Software

    Well sadly I couldn't find any except the outdated WhiteSmoke 17 years ago I invented the best Grammer/SpellChecker and I'm sorry I can't part with my Daughter
  4. Tech 425

    Beretta Pistol Testimonial

    = I'm Glad I wasn't the "Soon to be Ex-husband"
  5. Tech 425

    Motivational posters

    Yep this is why I'm Devoiced
  6. Just so everyone knows "WhatsApp" is owned by Facebook and I wouldn't trust them with my Dogs poop
  7. Yep I want 5G and I'm in talks with putting 5G on Pluto and when the Note 10 comes out I will visit Earth
  8. Tech 425

    Women’s Health Issues

    Yep this is Very True
  9. Tech 425

    Goodbye Mother-in-law

    Now that's Funny, But I said "Bye Bye Witch" to mine
  10. Tech 425

    Beer Shampoo

  11. Here's a Bizarre Way to make a Soda Can Fully Transparent The world produces a staggering 180 billion aluminum cans every year, but it's a safe bet many of the people consuming those beverages don't know about a hidden material concealed inside the metal cylinders. For decades, aluminum can manufacturers have lined the inside of their cans with plastic. Why? Well, it's to protect the beverage from the can… and also to protect the can from the beverage. By insulating the drink inside the can from the metal can itself, the lining prevents acids and other chemicals in the beverage from corroding the aluminum — while at the same time preventing the aluminum from interacting with the liquid and affecting its flavor. Different manufacturers use a number of different kinds of polymer or epoxy liners for this purpose, and the amazing thing is, it's possible to actually reveal these hidden liners inside the can by dissolving the aluminum on the outside. A viral video by science education company MEL Science reveals how easy it is to do this — But please be aware, as the video itself states, you shouldn't attempt this at home. That's because the technique involves a dangerous chemical, and it also produces fumes, so it requires a very well-ventilated area (others strongly advise only doing it with a fume hood). Nonetheless, the technique is relatively simple to perform. All you need is an aluminum can, sand­pa­per, a large beaker that the can will easily fit inside of, drain clean­er (containing sodi­um or potas­si­um hy­drox­ide so­lu­tion), a wood­en rod, and a large glass con­tain­er — plus protective gear of course, including gloves, glass­es, and a mask. As the video explains, you simply buff the external surface of the can with the sandpaper, until its paint is removed and you're left with a silver, shiny cylinder. Then, you can open the can with the ring-pull, and use a wooden rod to suspend the can inside the beaker. Drain cleaner is then poured inside the beaker, surrounding the can. After two hours or so, the aluminum should be completely dissolved, and you're left with what almost looks like an optical illusion: a squidgy, seemingly invisible cylinder of soft drink, contained inside the transparent plastic liner. Of course, if you do attempt this at home with all the right equipment and supervision — not that you should, mind you — make sure you don't drink the beverage, as it may be contaminated by other chemicals at this point. While the soda liner is something of an industry secret, it's a known thing in the scientific community, and science enthusiasts have been showing off the results of this technique for years online, revealing the hidden plastic concealed in the can. The use of certain plastics in these liners has also been a cause of scientific concern, with some research suggesting BPA-lined cans could be linked to health problems. For that reason, much of the industry has moved away from BPA liners, although some companies, including the most obvious soft drink maker, seem to still be holding out.
  12. Tech 425

    My New Computer

    I haven't built a tower in many years (I use to have 13 towers, 4 monitors, 4 inkjet printers, 2 B&L Laser printers, 2 Color Laser printers = Dang Ex-Wife Smoked on shot them up (Drugs) I've got 7 Laptops now, But I want a powerful tower system now and not for gaming - It's I just have the Need for Speed Oh and I'm in y'alls boat also as I'm Disabled and will have to buy parts a little at a time Thank you all for the info on y'alls builds as it will help me
  13. Tech 425

    Emergency Landing

    Ok now here is my question? What would the Captain say to my people on Pluto?
  14. Tech 425

    The Breathalyzer Test

    Yep that about sums it up
  15. Tech 425

    Need WinRAR Repair Please

    Hello bmo, Can you Please tell me what these 2 RAR files are as I can get it and make sure you don't have a problem getting it. If you would like me to just repair the 2 RAR files then upload them and I will do my Best. I would rather just get what you want as sometimes a repair doesn't work if the poster didn't put a Recovery Record in the RAR Files. I put a Recovery Record in all my RAR Files