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    Which Switch Puzzle

    Well I fell down the dang stairs
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    Childhood Sweethearts

    hehehe Funny
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    What Program is this user using?

    Yes to me the task bar would be the key way for me to find out what program was used
  4. We tried the 'Five Guys' Secret Menu Five Guys is known for their hefty burgers and generous servings of fries. They also let customers customize anything from their menu, resulting in a number of creative secret menu items. We tried six of the most popular Five Guys secret menu items we found on the internet, including the double grilled cheeseburger, patty melt, burger bowl, the Presidential, steak frites, and In-N-Out Animal Style. Following is a transcript of the video. AJ: What's up, guys! We're heading to Five Guys today and we're going to check out some things on their secret menu. Five Guys is really cool because you can actually customize pretty much anything on their menu. So, let's check it out! What we're trying: Double Grilled Cheese Burger Patty Melt Burger Bowl The Presidential Steak Frites In-N-Out Animal Style Double Grilled Cheese Burger Double Grilled Cheese Burger = 1 cheeseburger between 2 grilled cheeses AJ: The grilled cheese is so thick and strong as the bun, that it's like this light, meaty taste with some tomatoes and lettuce, and it's so good, I love it. Patty Melt Patty Melt = 1 cheeseburger inside a grilled cheese AJ: [It's] basically grilled cheese with a twist. This one's a little small and skimpy. I like me a big, thick burger. Everyone knows what a patty melt is. If you ask for it, they can just make it. Burger Bowl Burger Bowl = bun-less burger in a tin AJ: It's like eating a salad... that's actually a burger. Since there's no bun, the burger bowl is low-carb and keto diet friendly. AJ: It's great! The Presidential President Obama always got the same order at Five Guys. It became known as "The Presidential". It's a regular cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeño peppers, and mustard. AJ: They had no idea what I was talking about when I ordered this burger. I asked for a 'Presidential', I'm pretty sure the other guy laughed, and I just had to tell them what was in the burger. AJ: Can I [get] The Presidential? The one Obama orders? Cashier: I don't know what that is. AJ: Look at this cheese though, that's crazy! When a burger has cheese like that, you can't be mad at it. I can see why Obama orders this burger every time. It's very good. It's just flavorful. Steak Frites Steak Frites = burger patty with fries and A1 sauce AJ: It's not bad... I probably put a little bit too much A1 sauce on it. In-N-Out Animal Style AJ: We're going to try to recreate In-N-Out's animal style sauce, and try it out on this burger. AJ: It's really close. It's almost animal style. I think the sauce takes away from the burger's flavor. Five Guys, again, just has really good, flavorful burgers in my opinion. If I came back, I probably wouldn't put the sauce on my burger. I would probably dip a couple bites into the sauce, or use the sauce for my fries. AJ: Wow, that was a lot of fun. I just tried the most popular items on Five Guys' secret menu and honestly I don't think there's much you can do to a Five Guys patty to make it taste bad. If you're trying to treat yourself, you can get a double grilled cheeseburger because it's two grilled cheese buns. Or, for a healthier option, you can get the keto friendly burger bowl. Alright guys, until the next one! Which secret menu should we try next?
  5. The terrifying trailer for 'Conjuring' prequel 'The Nun' is here if you can handle it The third film in The Conjuring series, The Nun takes place long before the events of The Conjuring and shows the origins of the terrifying demon nun. Set in 1952, The Nun follows the story of a nun-in-training who joins up with a priest to investigate an abbey in Romania, which is a super spooky and macabre place where at least one demonic nun resides — the same nun that pops up and horrifies in The Conjuring. The Nun comes to theaters Sept. 7.
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    What Program is this user using?

    Sorry I can't tell
  7. Oh That's an Ice Cream for me
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    What our pets write in their diaries

    Too Funny
  9. My ROTTWEILER would have looked at it and then Bow up - Puff light works now Sadly she pasted away from Bone Cancer
  10. Tech 425

    27 Funny Things My Mother Taught Me

    Wow I Past this test with flying colors
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    Questions to keep you awake at night

    Well I found one that was Easy 13. If I could live on any planet in the Solar System besides Earth, which would it be? = Pluto