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    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    Can someone update some of the turbotax 2021 posts with the new patches? Pretty Please Thank you
  2. core.lokt

    TurboTax 2021 new patches

    THANK You Very Much ! Can I copy your reply & paste it in the TurboTax threads so others that need this can find it ?
  3. core.lokt

    computer information

    SWEET nice info, Thanks
  4. I was just wishing you had a business, office or productivity section in apps. Could be a subsection under the main apps area. This area could be for things like: scanning software, POS systems, SAGE 50, accounting, PDF software, OCR apps, things like that. Just an idea. I love the way this place has grown since it started after cyberwarez.
  5. core.lokt

    Mind blowing: Live flight tracker

    Killer site Man.