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  1. russellsnr

    Moon Phase Calculator

    Hi, Anyone have the MOON PHASE CALCULATOR please (for PC.) Thanks in advance.
  2. russellsnr

    Req Lightroom 4 EBook

    Hi, Any book on lightroom 4 please. Format EBook,Kindle, any really. Thank you.
  3. russellsnr

    Kindle Books 1 by 1?

    Hi, Does anyone no where I may get kindle books one at a time rather than hundreds or thousands in one shot. I have tried here for HDR Photography but keep being told that one of my words in the search engine is 3 or less letters long (HDR) I assume and if I do get a result for kindle books there are as I say hundreds or even thousands in the posting/download. Many Thanks
  4. russellsnr

    Add line in your hosts file

    Many thanks for the help, couldn't get it to work so ended up buying the software I needed. Thanks Again Russ
  5. russellsnr

    Add line in your hosts file

    Hi, I am not sure if you will be allowed to answer this question but!! I want to add a line in line in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts I am on a win 7 machine I have added the line into the host but before I do so there is already one there starting with should I delete this line first then add the new one starting with or run them side by side ? Many Thanks
  6. Hi, I have changed plese advise if not correct Thank you Russ
  7. Hi, Can anyone assist please with this Ebook http://www.realistichdrbook.com/[/url] Many Thanks Russ