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  1. Eatmyshorts, thanks for the link. Seems like this is the older bld 6006, which I have. I am looking for a current version, which will fix some syncing issues, including google sync no longer working . (Since sync parameters keep changing, and Companionlink updates frequently, one that allows updating would be good. )
  2. Companionlink is now on build 6020. anyone?
  3. The older version of Companionlink 6, buld 6006 is available. It is outdated in a number of ways. Anyone have access to build 6018. Or a version that is able to be updated. Much appreciated. Companionlink is used to sync data between numerous differnt PIM's and numerous devices. Provides a more complete transfer of data than native sync's.
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    i agree. many titles contain 3 letter words. this is the only forum that i have seen that has this restriction.