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  1. trigent

    Keith Jarrett Koln Concert

    There are lots of versions of the this, by other artists on youtube, but I can't find a copy anywhere, of the full concert by Jarrett himself. anyone?
  2. trigent

    YT Downloader 7.3.x

    I have version 7.2.5 (7.2.5 indicates " this produce is licensed to"), but in updating to 7.3.6, using the medz on this board, posted by eaglemine, it shows as "10 day trial expired". is there a working crack or keygen for the current version?
  3. trigent

    Epubsoft epub to kindle converter

    I don't have the key, but want to mention that Calibre, a free ebook management and reader app will convert from anything to anything. Lots of settings and options.
  4. trigent

    laptop build opinions

    I am looking at buying a new laptop. I am not a gamer, not do I need the highest end unit) It's pretty easy to compare them based on the stated components. But my last two laptops, dell and hp have had problems with failing cooling fans, failed headset jack, speaker failure, hinges breaking (causing the screen and cover to separate, etc). So how about build quality? eg: Lenovo thinkpads seem to have a good reputation (I am thinking of L series). Are they really any better than others? Or Acer, as bad as people say? What are your experiences, impressions of the various brands and models regards the construction? hinges failing, screen failure, component failure, etc.
  5. Eatmyshorts, thanks for the link. Seems like this is the older bld 6006, which I have. I am looking for a current version, which will fix some syncing issues, including google sync no longer working . (Since sync parameters keep changing, and Companionlink updates frequently, one that allows updating would be good. )
  6. Companionlink is now on build 6020. anyone?
  7. The older version of Companionlink 6, buld 6006 is available. It is outdated in a number of ways. Anyone have access to build 6018. Or a version that is able to be updated. Much appreciated. Companionlink is used to sync data between numerous differnt PIM's and numerous devices. Provides a more complete transfer of data than native sync's.
  8. trigent

    Search function

    i agree. many titles contain 3 letter words. this is the only forum that i have seen that has this restriction.