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  1. pras2010

    Amibroker 6.27 or 6.30 - request

    HI, can someone help, it seems the latest version is available on this link but i am unable to download as it looks need to know chinese. http://www.0762jr.com/thread-188379-1-1.html Pras
  2. Yes, Thanks for the support. Pras
  3. HI, Could not download as the file is disabled for download. Pras
  4. Thanks, Dear, will check it out tommorrow. Pras
  5. Please share, I will have a look. Thanks for your reply and assistance.
  6. Dear Friends, can u please help locate a new version of the above ? Thanks and be safe. Pras
  7. pras2010

    PC Doctor

    Dears, kindly look at this , may be good, i used it long back. https://www.pcmag.com/review/255814/iolo-system-mechanic Prash
  8. Thanks, finally may 2019 update is done. Pras
  9. pras2010

    need help with office 2016 activation using kmsauto

    Thnks , will chk it out. Pras
  10. Thanks, will try it. Pras
  11. HI, my windows 10 pro update keeps giving errors for the may 2019 1903 update and restarts downloading it again and again after each failure to install, it is using my data in this process. is it possible to offline download this windows update to install it directly after that. Please advise and help. Also this download will affect the windows 10 Pro activation ? Pras
  12. pras2010

    need help with office 2016 activation using kmsauto

    Dear Friend, Thanks, will wait for it. Pras
  13. pras2010

    need help with office 2016 activation using kmsauto

    Thanks, I will wait for the video. Appreciate your kind help. Pras
  14. Hi, As advised by admins, i am requesting assistance in providing me with a guide or video on how to activate office 2016 proplus using kmsauto. Thanks in advance. Pras
  15. Dear Thanks, i will download it. Pras