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  1. hi, can someone help with the new version of amibroker 6.27 or latest . Thanks in advance. ras
  2. HI, I am looking for the market delta software, even an recent earlier version will help. MarketDelta Desktop Version 19.6.8034. https://marketdelta.com/downloads/ Pras
  3. Hi, I am looking for the above, can u please help find it, i searched in forums here but could not get it in search. Pras
  4. hi Friends, I am out here in the desert working for a trading firm handling their operations and love being here in this forum. Pras
  5. Friends, any luck with the new versions. Pras
  6. pras2010

    Pattern explorer 5.5

    no, bro, not worth. Pras
  7. pras2010

    Pattern explorer 5.5

    HI, no, this is not the program , i have already 3.75 with me, need higher version. Pras
  8. pras2010

    Pattern explorer 5.5

    HI friends, looking for the 5.5 or below but higher than 3.75 version of pattern explorer. this is basically an add on to Amibroker. https://www.patternexplorer.com Pras
  9. Yes, he is happy with the find. If you come accross wiley books on CFA, please pass them along. Thanks once again. Pras
  10. Thanks friend, will pass on the same to my son to check out if relevant. Thanks for the help. Pras
  11. or there is wiley books also. either of them will help him understand whether he should go for it or now. Pras
  12. HI friends, My son was asking me if he can get these to look as he was planning a career in finance and so i am requesting if anyone can help with these. Pras
  13. any luck on this bro ?
  14. pras2010

    Parashara s Light software

    Thnks , this was for my friend, will tell him to check and revert. Pras
  15. HI Friends, looking for the above software ver 7 and above, if anybody can find, will be grateful. https://www.infosysguide.com/parasharas-light-7-0-1-pro-ultimate-vedic-astrology-software/ Pras