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  1. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Hi Mark, Noted your point, I also have seen many complaints on may 2020 update, will follow your advise surely. Thanks Pras
  2. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Dear Mark, Yes, I have installed free AVG antivirus on the same and hope once the physical school starts, then i can turn the system in to win 10. I am still looking at the latest win 10 with may 2020 update which will be easy to download. Pras
  3. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Dear Mark, Yes it is true as to what you say and i would also love to move it to win 10 but with the online classes being priority and my old laptop already having win 7, i thought it better to be updated rather than install a new version, as any compatiability issue in hardware would have affected and created problem in using it. I will update it to 10 once the classroom classes begin in couple of months. Pras
  4. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Installation of service pack was done smoothly, thanks for the above help. Pras
  5. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    sure, thanks pras
  6. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Dear Friend, Thanks for the above links, recevied in time for upcomming weekend. Will complete the updates tommorrow. Pras
  7. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    HI, It is windows 7 ultimate as per snapshot attached. it has service pack 1 but it takes a long time to update. With just 4 gb ram i dont think windows 10 will be smooth run on it. also i need it just for his online classes. Please help. Pras
  8. pras2010

    windows 7 service pack

    Dear Friends, I am looking for offline service pack of windows 7 (64 bit) , please can u help as i see to set up for my son laptop for his online class. I am reposting the request here from the other topic to get faster reply. Thanks Pras
  9. pras2010

    Amibroker 6.27 or 6.30 - request

    HI, can someone help, it seems the latest version is available on this link but i am unable to download as it looks need to know chinese. http://www.0762jr.com/thread-188379-1-1.html Pras
  10. Yes, Thanks for the support. Pras
  11. HI, Could not download as the file is disabled for download. Pras
  12. Thanks, Dear, will check it out tommorrow. Pras
  13. Please share, I will have a look. Thanks for your reply and assistance.
  14. Dear Friends, can u please help locate a new version of the above ? Thanks and be safe. Pras
  15. pras2010

    PC Doctor

    Dears, kindly look at this , may be good, i used it long back. https://www.pcmag.com/review/255814/iolo-system-mechanic Prash