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  1. Hey, I've found this image as a good reference (it's cool to print it and stick it under your keyboard for example):
  2. Hello, I'm looking for season 2 and 3 of Chuck TV Show. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, As topic states, I'm looking for Graphic Design Theory Helen Armstrong. Thanks in advance.
  4. pawel

    Why Megaupload.com is down

    Doesn't it mean they can shut all warez like sites? And who will actualy ,,control'' the internet, is this is law for everyone, or there will be special department against piracy etc.? Same stuff coming to europe: ACTA
  5. pawel

    Apple Devices For The iFamily

    that's nice, i've seen diffrent version as well, where mother has ipad, and father has iPay with sad face obviously
  6. pawel

    dog wearing glasses

    This one is nice, feel sad for this dog tho!
  7. pawel

    Christina Aguilera and Beyonce?

    Art isn't about whose better singer, and most pop artist don't even write their own songs, sometimes you just have to pick song with melody that will sell better, sad but true (it's not making music any worse tho, the fun aspect that is).
  8. pawel

    Let us Know a Bit more of Yourself

    Hello there, not much of uploader of me, but hoping to do some graphic support for CW.