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  1. gustav2007

    Slow download using Alldebrid

    Hi Day trader, I downloaded the free trial of Internet download manager on the Alldebrid Site and what a difference. My download came in like gangbusters. So I may have to buy the full version Thanks for your comments
  2. gustav2007

    Slow download using Alldebrid

    Has anyone else noticed how slow downloading from Rapidgator on Alldebrid. I have a 50m/b fibre connection and it is taking an hour to get a 500 M/b file. It used to take me only 15 mins or so a few months ago. Any comments would be appreciated
  3. gustav2007

    Photoshop Tutorials ?

    Hi just found this link and yes anything on using Photoshop is always useful. Thanks
  4. gustav2007

    A complete guide to using WinRAR

    Hi CyberGod, I love that you have this Tutorial on here . Can I copy or make a print of it. If yes how do I do that? Regards Gustav2007
  5. gustav2007

    Cool Text: Logo And Graphics Generator

    Definitely worth playing with. Thanks
  6. gustav2007

    Great magazine site

    Awesome link Thanks
  7. I have an andriod Tablet ( Androind Ultralight} I have forgotten the Pattern picture to get in. Anyone find any way to fix this problem. I have tried the factory reset ( Pushing the Up vol with the On button) Does not work for me. I don;t care if I lose all the stuff on it I just want to get in and maybe even update the firmware to the current version.
  8. gustav2007

    XBMC /OPENelec

    I believe it is now called KODI and has a lot more features. I use it all the time and cancelled my cable as I can get everything FREE !!!
  9. gustav2007

    Beat spam with the best disposable e-mail service

    It would not let me sign up for free service it wanted $52 for a year.
  10. gustav2007

    25 GB Free

    Thanks . I have never used anything cloud orientated so this will be interesting.
  11. So how and where do we find this undiscovered Country??
  12. gustav2007

    lost password

    Right Darko I will keep this in my Utilities for the future. Thanks