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  1. It's a fact. When i watched the film through the site, there was a subtitles, but when I downloaded the FLV format movie through the software "coojah6", the subtitles was not there... What's with this software "ollydbg", I can catch the subtitles with her? link to the movie: https://www.rapidshare.com/files/3585259159/1305505-68.flv
  2. How can I extract subtitles who inserted in to movie who is streamed over the Internet(the Subtitles, are not embedded in to the film, they are in a separate file)? I downloaded The movie from site that enables watching direct movies online (http://video.walla.co.il), when I downloaded it using the software "coojah6", he came without the Subtitles, but there was another file format "SWF" who came with him, how I can encode from him the subtitles? I understand that it is possible to do this using the software "ProjectX" but I was unable do it, anyone know the program or another way to extract the subtitle? ProjectX software: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/ProjectX SWF file: http://www.upf.co.il/file/529824565.html link to movie from the site :: http://www.upf.co.il/file/529824565.html The film is streamed as FLV format.