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    DRM Removal

    unfortunately, I have yet to find an app that can do a direct conversion. All of the apps (to my knowledge) need to play the file and re-record to perform this function Respectfully Patience is your friend eos666
  2. eos666

    need software (COMPLETE)

    Believe me when I say that there is NO good way of removing hardcoded subtitles (yet). What you end up with is often worse than having the subtitles themselves. It is very time consumingg and resource intensive. I have experimented with this very thing for days/weeks on end with absolutely no success whatsoever. The only real shot you have is by cropping them out, and if they are placed too high, you could easily crop away half (or more) of the movie. Respectfully eos666
  3. If /since you are absolutely new, I would suggest you learn about OOP first , this will give you some insight on what direction you may want to go in, since c# is an interpreted language and c/c++ are compiled languages, the constructs are totally different, unless of course if you are interested in web programming ie; html, javascript, css etc Respectfully eos666
  4. It's great to see that some people are security concious (even to extremes) I simply re-do my system once a month Respects eos666
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    Well, here is a short version anyway, I am a trained programmer, I have been around for a long, long time (since before Winblows ). I have been involved with the internet since the beginning of the internet. I have used the nick |eOs| since I first came online, so I was probably the first, and I've used the same email since the beginning 8-) . I have been on staff at other forums. I have been involved with warez forever ,(since it's beginning (where-is)) While, I do web-design work, I more consider myself as a conceptual designer ( I rarely finish what I start once I see the light at the end of the tunnel ) I will be more than happy to share stuff as soon as I can post topics in other areas Respectfully eos666