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  1. WOW! Still up. I already downloaded and extracted. BE AWARE: not all USB cables will work. A lot of the cheap cables AND the ones that come with a device can be "charging only". I even have one that has "charge only" pressed into the plastic of both connectors.
  2. tjj

    What was Symbian?

    I am replying to this old topic deliberately. If posting about an OS, you might want to INCLUDE " OS " with the name in the topic. Why? Because there is a well know sex machine called Symbian. I thought there was some videos in this topic.
  3. tjj

    Samsung Galaxy 8

    Google "xda developers". That's where I learned rooting and also putting a MUCH newer android version on old android devices (tablets, but exactly the same) . I put android 7.12 on a (back when they sold it still ) an Amazon Kindle fire 8.9" tablet with LTE. I highly recommend that site.
  4. tjj

    Great magazine site

    Thank you.
  5. tjj

    Great magazine site

    Site is dead.
  6. tjj

    laptop build opinions

    Not a fan of HP/Compaq, Acer/gateway I avoid like COVID. Do NOT buy a "Dell" laptop from Walmart!! But from Dell dot com only. Wally-Dells are the cheapest crap Dell will tolerate to put their name on. Custom built for Walmart for ONE purpose: cheapest possible. You get what you pay for. Personally, I wouldn't buy ANY computer from Walmart. I worked there on the "4 to 1 crew" unloading the non-food deliveries. Electronics were loaded and shipped the same way the other items were shipped. Looked like it was loaded with a snow blower. SERIOUSLY, Do not special order anything electronic larger than a game system box. If you do, make them hook it up to verify it works and no damage before leaving the store. Returns are a problem with anything with a screen on it.
  7. tjj

    Hard Drive won't recongnize.

    hXXps://wXw.tomshardware.Xom/news/format-hard-drive-command-prompt,37632.html I hope that is NOT a clickable link! Replace the X's with the proper letters. tt w c
  8. tjj

    Lost my USB ports - no power

    I can't help without that info.
  9. tjj

    Lost my USB ports - no power

    Ask and ye shall receive! 1st, I need the brand, model, and (if it applies) the version # of THE MOTHERBOARD. If it is a pre-built system, then the brand and model. Preferably from the "master info" location that specifies voltages and stuff. USUALLY on the bottom of the case. Should have regulations it meets "logo's" near it. With that, need the exact OS it shipped with and what it has NOW. Include VERSION of OS when sold and now. EDIT: Need bios version #/ id. EXAMPLE: Shipped with windows 8.1 home 64 bit, currently using windows 10.xxx.x.xx 64 bit home/pro/enterprise/ect. Post that today, I will have something by tomorrow. No such thing as "too much info". If in doubt, send it. DO NOT INCLUDE SYSTEM SERIAL OR SERVICE TAG!! That info can identify YOU.
  10. tjj

    New member must read before post

    this is a good idea. stops (most) spammers right from the start.