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  1. chibi_sensei

    Illustrator portable version [Completed]

    Tech, you are great u_u
  2. chibi_sensei

    Illustrator portable version [Completed]

    Thank you so much Tech!!
  3. chibi_sensei

    True or False Game

    False- I am near Paris, it's raining, it's cold...The sun was there from may to july only... The next person has an uncommon job
  4. chibi_sensei

    True or False Game

    False - whene was the eclipse to start with? XD Hmmm the next person has gastric troubles (don't know why i am asking this...)
  5. Hello everyone, I report a dead link one week ago and couldn't find any working anymore so I am here to ask if someone has any illustrator portable version please! I need it for this week... Sorry to ask this much... Thank you!
  6. chibi_sensei

    True or False Game

    True - just coming in time when it's about food again, I would have been so happy to come ~ The next person often talk to herself/himself when he/she is alone.
  7. chibi_sensei

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Portable version (Completed)

    Thank you a lot!! It was fast ^^
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for the portable version of Photoshop CC 2017. Can someone help me please? While searching in the forum, there are all kind of adobe portable version as photoshop lightroom, which is not the right package. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I am looking for some ebook (in french or in english) in order to complete my essay report. I work on medical design. Any type of file is good but pdf is better. I look through in the ebook section but I didn't find an equivalent even in the dummies book or some were too technical for me. I couldn't find the file size either... The one in Bold (4 of them) are the most important one for me. If you have any of them or achieve to find them, I will be thankful! CP Moderator Message: Mr Grumpy = content removed for not being English 6. Preventing Medication Errors: Quality Chasm Series Committee on Identifying and Preventing Medication Errors, Philip Aspden, Julie Wolcott, J. Lyle Bootman, Linda R. Cronenwett, Board on Health Care Services, Institute of Medicine Publisher: National Academies Press, 2006 ISBN: 0309101476, 9780309101479 Length: 480 page 7. Medication Safety: Dispensing Drugs Without Error Kenneth Baker, Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning, May 8, 2012 - Medication errors - 256 pages ISBN: 1133284469, 9781133284468 8. Industrial Product Design of Solids and Liquids: A Practical Guide Wilfried Rähse Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Jul 21, 2014 - BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - 488 pages ISBN 3527333355, 9783527333356 9. Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design Michael F. Ashby, Kara Johnson Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002 ISBN: 0750655542, 9780750655545 Length: 336 pages There are a lot sorry... tell me if you need more info. Thank you
  10. chibi_sensei

    Sketchbook Designer (Completed)

    The one for mac works well too
  11. chibi_sensei

    Rhinoceros 3d 4.0 for MAC

    Still thanks, I will try it on my other computer which isn't a mac and see how it goes
  12. chibi_sensei

    Rhinoceros 3d 4.0 for MAC

    Hello, this time I will need this software since I am far away from my big computer.... So I need that it's compatible with mac Mavericks (version 10.9.5). Since in my school it's 4.0 if I remember correctly, I would like to have the same so there isn't any trouble. If it's in french it would be a plus since I am not familiar with the software yet so handling it in english would be a bit complicate but I won't say no if you have it Of course the keygen is more than welcome !! If you need more info, ask me. Thanks
  13. chibi_sensei

    Hello :)

    Thanks a lot ^^ And yes it's a very sweet community and I like it
  14. chibi_sensei

    Sketchbook Designer (Completed)

    It work fine In order to activate the license, be sure to turn on internet after using the crack. Close autodesk once and open it again and it should give you the request code.
  15. It work fine In order to activate the license, be sure to turn on internet after using the crack. Close autodesk once and open it again and it should give you the request code. Edit: sorry wrong topic