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    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    I find free Avira works fine and come with a vpn service. but avg/avast not bad as well. forget M$ not trustworthy in my books. Avg hates pirate bay but has not blocked it yet
  2. tman99

    Erunt registery back-up tool

    ERUNT The Emergency Recovery Utility NT I'v used this tool since win 98 it has been a life saver it backs up your registry totally, all the hive's with the present windows I found you have to run it manually so dont bother with the installer grab the zip file extract run the exe as admin or it will fail! I have done this with win 10 64bit also have used it with win 7 although I have not tried to restore the register with my win 10 machine, but It gives me comfort to know I have a copy. ps you can restore the registry from a command line if you need. for the times windows wont boot http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ ERUNT Setup supports command line switches, e. g. for silent installations. More information If you prefer a version without installer or intend to use ERUNT on Windows NT 3.51 where the installer won’t work, download the zipped version instead: erunt.zip (501 KB) enjoy -t Language files
  3. tman99

    Erunt registery back-up tool

    giving it a bounce
  4. tman99

    Microsoft ends Windows 7 mainstream support

    The age of rental software is being jamed down our throats. and to get the full benfits of windows 10 make sure you alow cortana to spy on you.
  5. maybe this is outdated. when I go there it says redirecting to advertizer