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    TV series: Vera

    Seriously looking for this series for my mother. Especially the latest one aired on Sunday 31st Jan 2016. The poor dear went to bed before it started. She has Cancer, and is currently being tested for Dementia. Anyone getting it, would be a friend for life....
  2. TheBigWapo

    [Solved] The Time Machine

    Great find.
  3. TheBigWapo

    Microsoft ends Windows 7 mainstream support

    And more importantly......they want to watch what you are downloading and uploading.
  4. TheBigWapo

    Microsoft ends Windows 7 mainstream support

    Could this be the end! It has long been suspected that Windows 10 has many bugs....: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/windows-10-problems-bugs-help-fix But one has to ask.....why is/has it been given out free?
  5. TheBigWapo

    How are You by Your Name.?.

    Sorry, but the image doesn't show.
  6. TheBigWapo

    due to inflation

    lol, nice one.
  7. TheBigWapo

    Hi TheBigWapo, here

    My pleasure. Thanx guys for making me feel welcome.
  8. TheBigWapo

    Hi TheBigWapo, here

    I finally got on the forum, because your Key Capture is faulty. It only shows some of the images that are required to be accepted. But at least I made it.