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  1. Anne Therese

    Here I am, Brand New..

    Thank You so much, I will follow all rules and I'm quite sure I will enjoy being a part of this community.
  2. Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a Gift...That is why we call it the Present.

  3. Anne Therese

    Here I am, Brand New..

    Hello, I just joined and always introduce myself straight off. So here goes : My name is Anne Therese Smith, I am 56 years old, my husband, Michael is 61 and we are both disabled. Our youngest of 4 children, my son Malachi is 24 and living at home with us. I have a Laptop, a Desktop, a Smart Phone, and a Tablet. I love computer games, mostly solitaire adventures like the Chronicles of Emerland, Snow White Solitaire, and many more like those. I also play the old Might and Magic series, I have 1 through 9 but always start with 3 as 1 and 2 are too old but they came in a boxed set.. I do not enjoy 3d or first person shooter games, my husband does those. We have a Chi-Weenie dog, Max who is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund (Weenie). He is adorable and I'm very attached to him. I collect small pewter figurines, ceramic thimbles, basically anything pewter is great. I am totally into Stephen King Movies and Books and Pictures...I make my own themes for windows, pictures only ..I put them in folders and change them in theme settings..I love horror movies and books, and on the other end of the scale I love Gone With the Wind and the sequel Scarlet...I have both movies and books...well, Scarlet is a 4 part mini series... I also like comedies and old TV Shows, I have all of Baretta, Quantum Leap, Quincy, Columbo, Brady Bunch, Bionic Woman, Partridge Family, probably much more... I love Eddie Griffin and have most of his stuff and Eddie Murphy Raw and Delirious, I have some Bill Cosby funnies as well. Ah yes I have BJ and the Bear full seasons and I am hunting down an oldie, I have the opener and 1 episode, I am hoping to afford the full dvd from Amazon soon, but we live on a fixed income disabilty so it is tough to get extras. Oh the show is Lucan, the Wolf Boy. Now days I am in to NCIS the original not New Orleans, and Live PD, 911, The Resident...pretty much it...I have Roku on the TV in my bedroom and sometimes watch Bewitched and other oldies. Zoom Player is so cool and fantastic...I play all my movies and TV on it...I love 80s music videos and have quite a collection. I've got the Wilderness Family trilogy and pretty much all the Disney films and animation...Jerry Lewis movies,...boy I just looked up and see I've been rambling on and on...I'm sorry I do love to talk...I Facebook, have free books from many different places go to my email I have Amazon Kindle on all my computers and my phone and I go to my Amazon account and search for free horror books from the kindle store I get many...my husband and son say I'm a "hoarder", but I do so like so many things...my laptop and desktop are both HPs...Desktop is Windows 7 and Laptop is Windows 10...I am into Tarot card reading and have many programs and physical decks, I am learning constantly...I have webinars from the Tarot Girl too. Okay I will stop now last thing...I made two websites, personal with pictures of family https://annsmith2016.weebly.com/ There are some naughty card sets for the game Solitaire City for the ladies, and a link to my first page which is more of the same, pictures, blog. I do hope to make friends here and maybe to get some new Zoom Player Skins, I wish I could make my own but it sounded very complicated and I'm sure many of you who do make them are very talented....my talent lies in Adult Coloring, I have probably 50 books and I use only Crayola colored Pencils...I got the 100 pack at walmart and oh yes I did get an off brand of neons, I get any new set I find. Well I will stop now...really, I am very glad to be part of this community, see ya! Anne.....My actual first name is just plain ann but I always wanted the "e" on the end ...like Anne Shirley...Anne of Green Gables. As of Nov. 2018 I have actually started the process to legally change my first name to Anne...I am praying I will have it done by New Year's Eve to start my New Year really Brand New. Anne Therese