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  1. bad_robot

    Adguard problems

    Get the v7.7.3729 repack and all your problems are solved
  2. I had the same issue - some posters, either by mistake or deliberately, substitute ransomware (usually 290000 bytes but leas than 5m). No way of recovering ur files so a new start is required, Also check ur paypal, ebay, bank account and credit cards in case u have a file of passwords which they can use. Make sure you use a different pc to reformat the drive as the r'ware can reproduce like a virus. I had $20 au charged on paypal but pp carry insurance.

    Always verify files size before downloading as that seems to be the only way of identifying r'ware. It will be less size (an a lot less) than the file u want to dl.

    Best to use a disk imagere like aomie backupper or trumage from a usb so as to restore an image in less than 20 minutes

    Always let the poster kno (and fellow users ) of the issue. If u let peeps kno, often the culprit disappears from the site

    1. tipusultan0


      Thanks for your reply Bro...

      Did the same. 

      everything in my laptop is formatted.

      I lost very important family data.

      even my pen drive is also infected but i didn't format as

      I have decided to wait until .hoop ransomware's cure doesn't get.

      and also request you to inform me when you get to know .hoop ransomware's solution.

      thanks a lot 


  3. bad_robot

    What's the best android to windows backup software?

    apowermanager can connect a android fone to a PC and facilitates copying fotos and other items. Coolmuster android assistant also allowa fone to pc transfers The fone can also be backed up to pc and restored