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  1. jk22

    Train Simulator 2019

    Hey guys, Need the download link of Train Simulator 2019 iso files Regards.
  2. jk22

    Need Logo

    Hi guys, I want a logo for my online firm and all about Wedding Events. Anything unique about events for Wedding will be good! Title: Event Organizer Sologan: Better Life Solutions! Thanks!
  3. jk22

    Need Logo

  4. jk22

    Need Logo

    Thanks bro! Nice work but we are not opening this business anymore!
  5. Hey guys, I have Lenovo X1 Carbon 20BT and Windows 10 v1803 but I dont see Fingerprint label under sign in options! Regards.
  6. jk22

    Any best Data Shredder ?

    Hey guys, I have Samsung S7 and I use iShredder v5 to erase all data but DiskDigger recover all data. So, I want a good Data Shredder which can erase all FREE SPACE and cant be recoverable. Regards.
  7. jk22

    Data Shredder 6

    Hey guys, Can you get crack or serial key for Professional version. Link: https://www.protectstar.com/en/products/data-shredder Regards.
  8. I need a signature: TextName: Transporter007 Background Image: Transporter 3 Car Image
  9. Hey guys, I have 2 questions for iphone 5. 1. How to receive calls with contact name and number on iphone 5. 2. How to view number with name on iphone 5 contact list. Regards.
  10. Hi guys, Is this possible to get M3 RAW Drive Recovery 5.6 Crack or Key? Regards.
  11. Hey guys, I have the folders and some torrent files and all folders and files dissapared. I really dont understand what happened. There are some important work on folders. Can anyone tell me how to get it back ? Regards.
  12. jk22

    How to recover WD 1TB RAW HD

    Hey guys, Yesterday, my laptop went to checkdisk on boot and after it finished I cant access my laptop 2 partition which is located on WesternDigital 1TB harddrive and its showing RAW like 0 bytes. I have very important data on it and I want to get back all data. Can anyone tell me how to fix it ? Regards.
  13. Hey guys, Can you send me the serial for M3 RAW Drive Recovery Tool. Regards.
  14. jk22

    How to hide folders image in Windows 10

    Microsoft are spying from Windows7/8/8.1 also.
  15. Hey guys, I want to ask How to hide folders image in Windows 10 like we do on Windows 7/8/8.1 with the refresh option. Regards.
  16. jk22

    How to hide folders image in Windows 10

    Bro I was asking how to make a folder into real form like after doing refresh on Windows7/8/8.1 the folder will not show the images inside the folder. Like in Windows 7/8/8.1 it look like this
  17. Hello guys. Do anyone know How to download files from VMware into Main Windows ? Regards.
  18. is this trick still working ?
  19. Hey guys, Can anyone get key for Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with Update 4
  20. jk22

    Lenovo G510 OneKey Recovery Issue

    Samsung SSD firmware is up-to-date.
  21. Hello guys, Today i am exhausted because my Samsung SSD Pro 256 GB giving me an error on booting that Media not reconize if somebody cant help me on it. I will be very appreciated. Furthermore, i just replace harddrive which came from lenovo laptop factory and i already made the backup of the factory default image file but when i am going to restore it through OneKey app its not working and even on boot its no longer working error is PXE Boot. Help me guys,
  22. jk22

    Lenovo G510 OneKey Recovery Issue

    Well I fixed both issues with the help of some content written on blog. About the Samsung SSD firmware update ? No.
  23. jk22

    Official CP UserBar-s Request Thread

    Can you make for me also in v.1 and v.4