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  1. themachine71

    i am looking for reimage repair

    hours of waitingmy windows will not update. i have tried all the troubleshooters from microsoft. ive tried sfc scannow and dism and finds nothing and dism doesnt finish after 48 hours. im looking for something to scan for corruption. ive had this problem years ago and forgot how i fixed it. ive stopped and restarted the services multiple times. i am missing a windows file for updates somewhere. google is not helpful neither. i might just have to put windows back on the old fashion way. UPDATE; i used the reimage yesterday but it was just a trial. I scanned with malwarebytes just now and it found 9 tied to reimage. i guess i am resetting windows today. thank you everyone.
  2. For some reason my pc will not update. Bits will not start, so i am wondering if this will actually fix it. I have tried it and scanned and it did find errors, but it would not fix them without a credit card. So i was wondering if anyone had reimage repair with working keys. Much appreciated. I could have sworn it was on cyberphoenix before, but a search tells me otherwise.
  3. themachine71

    How to Disable All of Windows 10’s Built-in Advertising

    thank you for this. i just did every one of them
  4. themachine71

    in search of book (Completed)

    no worries tech. my wife ended up buying the book. thank you for your time.
  5. themachine71

    in search of book (Completed)

    I was wondering if anyone can find THE LAST TUDOR written by PHILIPPA GREGORY in epub or .mobi format? I asked my wife to register on cyberphoenix so she can request the book herself, but im afraid she will be searching in chatbox daily so thats not an option.
  6. themachine71

    diana gabaldon [COMPLETED]

    thank you very much tech. i couldnt find it anywhere. my wife has been looking for it for awhile. she thanks you. you guys rock.
  7. themachine71

    diana gabaldon [COMPLETED]

    I am looking for seven stones to stand or fall by diana gabaldon. preferably on mobi or epub. thank you in advance.
  8. themachine71

    Six Tudor Queens (Completed)

    thank you very much tech. it will keep the wife out of my hair
  9. I just made an android kodi box for a deaf women a few days ago. I had to set it up for downloadable subtitles. i gotta give her a call. thank you for the info.
  10. themachine71

    mobdro premium [complete]

    thank you
  11. themachine71

    Six Tudor Queens (Completed)

    anne boleyn, a kings obsession: a novel (six tudor queens) written by ALISON WEIR
  12. themachine71

    mobdro premium [complete]

    In search of mobdro premium apk.
  13. themachine71

    10-year-old girl survives alligator attack in Florida

    poor child. swimming isnt safe anymore. i live in a state surrounded by water and i learned not to go above my knees in the ocean. i dont want to be shark bait.
  14. themachine71

    US Senate votes to let internet providers share

    So much for privacy and freedom.
  15. Thank you for this. very informative.