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  1. Just tried the 1st one, and it's just an OPK, and has no product key or keygen. Arrggg....
  2. I'm currently trying the first one. Will post the result here. The 2nd one, I've already tried few days ago, and it's same as the trial version that you can download from MS site. To get the keygen/product code, you have to contact the poster and pay for it. Not sure if he will actually provide the product key or keygen once he got paid... Thanks.
  3. Anyone has keygen or product key to activate Microsoft SBS 2011 Standard Server? I ordered Dell server and it came with SBS 2011 Essentials. Since it was pre-installed, I figured Dell didn't install it correctly, so I open the media and reinstalled just to find out Essentials version does not come with Exchange server. And you cannot install Exchange server on Essentials version. I'm currently trying to sort this problem with Dell, but they are refusing to upgrade it to Standard version at $260 difference in cost as priced on their website. They want me to purchase whole new Standard version because the Essentials versin had be opened. Arrggggg. My deadline is coming up, and I need to get this server up with Standard version. For now, I have the trial version install and just waiting for activation. I'll eventually sort this problem out with Dell, but meanwhile I need either keygen or product key. I've found one from 0-day but it doesn't work. Thanks.
  4. itchibahn

    Microsoft SBS 2011 Standard

    Please ignore this request. I can download 90 day trial, full version from Microsoft direct. Thanks.
  5. Looking for Microsoft SBS 2011 Standard to play with... Thanks...