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CP Development Team Recruitment

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CyberPhoenix is now accepting more hands to help run the website.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our staff then send us your application using the following format:

Username: Your CyberPhoenix Username.
Position: Technical editor/Movies Review Editor/Game review Editor/Mobile App editor



Regular Activity.
A very high level of professionalism.
The ability to work well as part of a team.
Always ready to accept challenge.

Please note : We are looking for members with efficiency and a sense of maturity and professionalism to keep up with the standards of Phoenix

Position Opens for

Technical editor
Movies Review Editor
Game review Editor
Mobile App editor

Duties of the above mentioned positions are:

Technical editor: Writing and reviewing technical articles of latest gadgets and stuff.

Movies review editor: Writing reviews and rating latest movie releases.

Games review editor: Writing and posting latest updates on new releases of games, and reviewing them.

Mobile App editor: Publishing latest updates to the mobile area and develop tutorials for users.

Please PM me (Admin) or vinceserious (Super Mod) if you are interested.

Your application(s) will be reviewed by our support team and will be replied to the earliest.

Our Best Wishes,


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