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How to Reset a BlackBerry From Your Computer

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How to Reset a BlackBerry From Your Computer






Performing a factory reset is often the first troubleshooting step when it comes to BlackBerry performance issues. Resetting the BlackBerry device clears your personal settings and data, but leaves downloaded apps so you do not end up with a blank slate for a phone. BlackBerry’s desktop software allows you to perform this reset through your computer instead of through the device.

Step 1
Connect your BlackBerry to the computer using the BlackBerry sync cable.
Step 2
Open BlackBerry Desktop Software if it doesn’t open automatically.
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Step 3
Open the Support Tools interface by clicking the question mark icon, hovering your mouse over "Support Resources" and selecting "Support Tools."
Step 4
Click “Reset to Factory Settings" and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your phone.



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