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H is for Hawk a documentary

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"H is for Hawk, by Helen McDonald"

H is for Hawk is a documentary about the relationship between a falconer and bird. It is not your typical nature show. It is as much about her (Helen McDonald) as the bird , (A reptile. A fallen angel. A griffon)
a  hawk (Mabel) not a falcon.
 I say this much because I hope other people watch it. I did read the rules.
 I promise a like for this documentary.


You can see some of it here:

Or see some of the book here:

 I say thank you in advance. If no one can find it, OK. Just try to see it for yourself.

FYI:: they do not name the birds; Dragon Fire, Slayor, or Lightning because as sure as it rains, if you do your bird will fly off your arm straight to a post and just sit there. However "Butter-cup" will will go right to a rabbit and snatch its life away.


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