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  1. spookn

    Most useful sites Mine

    pretty cool. that took some time to go thru
  2. spookn

    Best fake emailer I have ever seen

    just got it to work. thanks
  3. spookn

    Frequency2156 - Post Apocalyptic Radio

    different. wen I hve more x i will play with it
  4. spookn


    that link does not have the video showing any more. at least not when I went. Here is a new link to see it. It is pretty cool. https://www.theguardian.com/science/video/2013/dec/10/earth-international-space-station-timelapse-video
  5. The brother of the murdered man in Dallas forgives the police women who killed him. The conviction and strength here is not quantifiable. If anyone wants to learn what God wants us to be, here it is ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJH4adVazl4&feature=youtu.be oh yeah, he is 17 yrs old. Out of the mouth of babes.
  6. James Mattis has a new book, "Call Sign Chaos". The name speaks volumes. If that can be uploaded it would be great. Thanks in advance. This is not a rant, it is a plea for ppl to get some wisdom... I watched a interview with him (James Mattis) and came away more impressed with his intelligence, character, wisdom... see here: I felt like I was put in my place. I am not a Trump fan. I am also not a democrat so I have not been beating the tribal drum. That is what he seemed so disappointed in. That we are so divided. I will "try" to hold my tongue for now at least. It is hard when you see something that is so corrosive to us all and not speak out but... watch the interview. Please. If that link above does not work, it was on Morning Joe.
  7. I have been using Psiphon 3 and it works very good. I just can't find the original post , just do a search.
  8. spookn

    Touch any bird and you'll hear its call

    hey, thanks. Do you know if there is such a site for USA? Brian
  9. spookn

    100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture

    Man, I don't know weather to be impressed or.... Music is like art, one persons three year olds pic hanging on the frig is the best in the world. There is no right or wrong. Music is the only thing that can get past the gate keeper of the soul. Hell, the other day I was tapping my foot to Barry M enjoy
  10. spookn

    100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture

    sorry for posting twice. I'm not crying, I have some dust in my eye or somethin. I used to listen to Paul Butterflied and john mayall. Forget that sgh*t! I might start smoking pot again over this. I'm lookin at: The Ballad of Bilbo by none other then : Leonard nimoy WOW Spock singing I think I saw Don Johnson tooo... man oh man and, Having My Baby I gotta stop. I'm going blind and growing hair on my knuckles What wonderful memories. I forgot just how bad music really was... thanks for this
  11. spookn

    100 Worst Songs of Modern Pop Culture

    Muskrat Love REALLY Man I'm tappin my feet just thinking about that greatest hit. Forget Led Zepplin or Muddy Waters, when you have the "real" Muskrat Love brother! Didn't she die from anorexia ?
  12. spookn


    looks good, just came back
  13. spookn

    How to clear W7 cache. And DNS cache

    Thanks, but I am outa tries When I go to https://textuploader.com/ it looks like gibberish after I upload it. Its just a Word file... My mom used to tell me that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So be it. Sorry for the let down
  14. spookn

    How to clear W7 cache. And DNS cache

    First let me apologize. I thought the program was free. I installed it, started it but did not use it. Usually if a program goes as far as loading without any reg #, crack etc... your OK. Not this time. My fault for not following thru. I am going to try and upload the word doc as a .docx ( Microsoft Word Open XML Format Document file) instead of a .rtf (rich txt format) I am not sure why it was deleted. A rule? I went and looked for the post later and could not find it and thought no one even read it. Maybe with the directions I made will make more sense when you see them. If not I promise I will get back to you faster . I uploaded it here also. Without the BitRazor tutorial. I hope I am doing this right. I just wanted to be able to give back some. Download Link: https://www.file-up.org/n6xm8gdzlhhm code for forums: clear cach.docx - 377 KB HTML code: <a href="https://www.file-up.org/n6xm8gdzlhhm" target=_blank>clear cach.docx - 377 KB</a> Also, I am not getting any notifications of posts etc... so I will keep checking back here. Don't know why but it happens at other PC sires to. I hope this helps. I like the DNS clear cach.docx
  15. spookn

    OS question

    thanks sorry for the long inbetween time