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  1. spookn

    Great magazine site

  2. spookn

    Write your name in Japanese

  3. spookn

    Thank you to CyberP.

    Thank you very much for the great help I have received here. Life is not always kind. When you get older you figure that out. And not to be the first to throw stones until you have walked in that mans shoes. (or heels). Not to wear my heart on my sleeve. I have had cancer multiple times and in the last few years had two major heart surgeries. Not things you plan on or can even prepare for. Nor is it something I talk a lot about. Maybe its the time of year. The kindness of strangers has been a huge blessing for me and a bigger lesson. I do not believe that people know how good we have it. If you only focus on what you do not have that is all you have. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to CyberPhoenix for the hours of good reading and PC help they have given without a thought. Thank You CyberPhoenix Brian
  4. spookn


    very cool. thanks
  5. spookn

    TAGs ?

    thanks, I will look
  6. spookn

    Thanks and vote (or not)

    had to add the follow up to that (just in case you don't get it)
  7. spookn

    Thanks and vote (or not)

    Thanks to LINK HEAVEN, great section (I get lost in) For all those voters here is a George Carlin idea on voting. Enjoy
  8. spookn

    TAGs ?

    How do I find out what TAGs are? Have looked around but can not seem to find definition. I do not know if I can post this without tags....
  9. I hope I got the Tag thing correct and am in the right forum. Trying to find Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice. Searched first without success. Thanks in advance B
  10. spookn

    Free OS's & Stuff

    It has a new link: https://osvault.weebly.com/ Pretty cool to see that stuff. Pretty scary that I remember it. My video card has more memory and processing power then my 1st PC's. Love it
  11. spookn

    Free Serial Numbers, Product Keys & Serial Keys

    I had this program many years ago and was suprised to see it alive. When I went to the site I got a warning, and after pushing thru the warning I got a chance to buy some new cloths. Obviously I am missing something
  12. spookn

    Easy Recovery Essentials [Completed]

    Thanks a whole lot. D/L'ing now.
  13. Please upload: Easy Recovery Essentials thank you so much
  14. spookn

    Free Serial Numbers, Product Keys & Serial Keys

    for what its worth I am getting this message from comodo dragon and google transparency site (probably a glich eh) Current status warningThis site is unsafe The site http://www.serialkeys.co.uk/ contains harmful content, including pages that: Install unwanted or malicious software on visitors’ computers