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Shopper And The fisherman

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Shopper And The fisherman

The wife came in after many hours strolling the Departments Stores.

The wife said honey, ''I'm tired. I have been shopping all day and my feet are sore.''

The husband asks what did you buy? The wife quickly responded, ''not a lot, I have picked out certain items that I will be watching for the prices to come down during the seasonal sales which are to come.''

The smart-alec husband said:

''Well, how to you go and visit department store after department store and come home with nothing to show for it but sore aching feet, and with a straight face call yourself a shopper?''  

The wife said, what’s the difference:

''I suppose the same way you take the boat and go fishing all day, and usually come home with nothing to show for your effort but a sun burn and a sore rear from sitting in the boat all day, and not enough fish to feed the cat, and you call yourself a fisherman!!''

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