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Here is a list of top 25 worst passwords of 2019

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Here is a list of top 25 worst passwords of 2019

If your password is on the list, the risk of having your account hacked and identity stolen is high.

Your password is what keeps cybercriminals away from hacking your email or social media account but if your password is weak and easy to guess things can turn into a disaster really fast.

Also, if you are among those who keep the same password on different accounts, researchers at SplashData have compiled a list of easy to guess, most commonly used and worst passwords of 2019.

For instance, the number one worst password in 2019 is 123456. What’s noteworthy about this particular password is that it received the same award in 2018. However, in 2019, for the first time since SplashData began evaluating leaked passwords on the web, the word “password” did not rank first or second, dropping to fourth place.

Another term that was found widely used by Internet users in 2018 was “Donald,” probably inspired by the president of the United States Donald Trump, which was the 23rd most-used password. However, this time, Donald did not make it to the list.

Check out the 2019 most popular password list below, according to SplashData.

1 – 123456
2 – 123456789
3 – qwerty
4 – password
5 – 1234567
6 – 12345678
7 – 12345
8 – iloveyou
9 – 111111
10 – 123123
11 – abc123
12 – qwerty123
13 – 1q2w3e4r
14 – admin
15 – qwertyuiop
16 – 654321
17 – 555555
18 – lovely
19 – 7777777
20 – welcome
21 – 888888
22 – princess
23 – dragon
24 – password1
25 – 123qwe

In order to protect your account do not use the same password on other web services and consider downloading a password manager. Another solution is to use a strong password containing numbers, letters with lower and upper case.

Furthermore, use HaveIbeenPwned to check whether your email account or password has been compromised while VirusTotal will help you scan unknown files and malicious domains before they infect your system with malware.








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Dang now I got to change my password from password ;) HeHeHeHe

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