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    Opera launches Opera GX, world's first gaming browser Opera GX released in early access; currently only available for Windows users. Today, Opera Software, the company behind the Opera browser, launched a custom version of its browser dedicated to online gamers and streamers. Named Opera GX, the browser comes with dedicated features that let users limit the browser's access to computer resources such as CPU (processor) and RAM (memory). The idea is to provide gamers with a way to navigate the web while leaving resources available for games or streaming applications that the gamer might also be running at the same time. "Running a game might require a lot of effort from your machine. Even more so if you are streaming while you play," said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX. "Before Opera GX, gamers often shut down their browsers to not slow down their gaming experience. We came up with the GX Control feature to make people's games run more smoothly without requiring them to compromise on what they do on the Web." Besides the GX Control Panel that lets users manage CPU and RAM usage limits, Opera GX also comes with Twitch integration, meaning users can log into their Twitch accounts via the browser's sidebar. Logging into services via the sidebar has been a long-standing Opera feature, but until now, it only supported services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VK, and Telegram. In addition, the Opera GX browser will also sport a new design that uses neon-like highlights for the browser's main UI elements. The neon highlights are customizable, and users can witch from the standard red to another highlight color of their choice. Further, the Opera GX team has also added gaming-inspired sound effects to the browser interface, which can be turned off, if annoying, which they'll most likely get at one point or another. And last but not least, since this is a browser for online gamers and streamers, the browser's default news and start page links have also been customized to include any gamer's favorite destinations, such as Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and gaming-focused news sites. Overall, Opera GX includes all the features present in Opera's main desktop browser, currently used by over 65 million users. This includes its built-in ad blocker, support for detachable video popups, and a built-in VPN. Because Opera GX is basically a cooler version of the standard Opera distribution, this also means there's no downgrade when switching to Opera's new release. Coupled with the addition of a CPU and RAM limiter, Opera GX has the potential of drawing not only Opera users, but users from other browser vendors as well. Opera GX is currently in early access, and only available for download for Windows users.
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    Hi guys im looking for PC Doctor or any diagnostics software. Please private me link.
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    Well, I had to drop in here, just to say how impressed I am with the serious help given to a lost newbie, who has already made a difficult problem 10 times worse with his info. I'm gonna say it's convincing me to donate some support $$ here, and start hanging out again after about a 4 or 5 year absence. Whether or not you get this rube up and going, Raedwulf, you sure made a fan outta me with your serious try.... This has got to be a good place to be...
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    Ok I will look and see what I can find my Good Friend
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    u seriously cant get any better then that.. that sign, not doubt, is the funniest ive EVER seen.. u must fly to Earth immediately and get that sign our fearless alien leader..
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    The swimming contests Three guys enter a disabled swimming contest. The first has no arms. The second no legs. And the third has no body, just a head. They all line up, the whistle blows and "splash" they're all in the pool. The guy with no arms takes the lead instantly but the guy with no legs is closing fast. The head sank straight to the bottom. Ten lengths later and the guy with no legs finishes first. He can still see bubbles coming from the bottom of the pool, so he decides he had better dive down to rescue him. He picks up the head, swims back up to the surface and places the head at the side of the pool, where-upon the head starts coughing and spluttering. Eventually the head catches his breath and shouts: "Three years I've spent learning to swim with my freakin' ears, then two minutes before the whistle, some idiot puts a swimming cap on me!"
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    im always here to help.. as soon as u want im here.. plus not insinuating that u dont already know, but im still going to offer it.. if u tell me in a roundabout way what sort of system u want to build, ex strictly gaming, business, well-rounded, etc.. i would be happy to put together a cpl different computer packages for u.. like individual web pages for each hardware unit with prices and u could choose which suits ur specific needs.. of course this would be pending exactly what u want ur computer for.. performance, stability, reliability and of course pricing, would be at the forefront of each hardware unit persented to u, then as whole system.. let me know, my friend..
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    i just overclocked my RAM, CPU/Processor & GFX Card and not using some sort of cheesy in operating system software either.. strictly Bios only.. now i have 16GB Nemix RAM (8GBx2) 1866Mhz, but the 16GB Avexir Core Series RAM (8GBx2) 1600Mhz is way better for overclocking.. that is entirely the reason why i decided to go with a low frequency RAM.. here's what i did below >>> <<< Overclocking Results >>> 16GB Avexir Core Series RAM (8GBx2) 1600Mhz CL (11-11-11-28) >>> 2133Mhz CL (10-10-11-26) FX-8350 4Ghz 8-Core Processor >>> 4.7Ghz ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (Clock Speed 1290MHz) >>> 1550Mhz <<< Programs Used To Stress Test >>> CPU/Processor - i used AIDA64 Extreme v6.00.5100 & RealBench v2.56 to stress test RAM - MemTest86 v8.2 & AIDA64 Extreme v6.00.5100 to stress test GFX Card - Extreme v6.00.5100 & RealBench v2.56 to stress test <<< Programs Used To Oversee Temperature >>> CPU-Z v1.89 - Portable - x64 HWMonitor v1.40.0 - Portable - x64 now i was able to do this by manipulating the Front Side Bus & CPU Multiplier & Voltages for the CPU & RAM and simply changed the Clock Speed & Voltages for the GFX Card.. i then ran a barrage of stress tests to make sure everything was done properly.. all said and done from start to finish from the start of the overclocking process to finishing the stress test took about 5 hrs, basically all in one night.. (CHANGING ANYTHING IN THE BIOS FOR OVERCLOCKING PURPOSES IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS WITHOUT PROPER KNOWLEDGE & HAVING THE CORRECT HARDWARE) if anyone is just interested in talking about this or is interested in wanting to overclock their system im very open in assisting u in it.. i will need the full spec list of ur computer to check to see if ur particular hardware is even overclockable.. i look forward to talking to all more about this.. cheers, my friends..
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    Thanks my Friend and this Fall (I think that's what y'all Earthlings call it ;) I will build me a new tower and I will get intouch with you :)
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    Thanks Rædwulf for the step by step instruction in doing it. I will try it after sure I understand the steps.
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    okay im gunna try to try not to be irritated, but come on really.. why would u not put that utmost crucial information in the first post.. that would have clarified so much right from the start and saved u almost a whole day of troubleshooting.. please next time regardless if your dealing with any sort of troubleshooting needs here or elsewhere.. put every bit of information regarding the problem, no matter how redundant it may seem to u.. as it might be just that lil gem that the troubleshooter ur askin needs to have that aha moment.. okay with that said, i looked extensively into your sound card and yes it is cryptic old.. support ended in the golden years of XP, not to say we might be able to get ur version of windows 7 to recognize it even so.. this is not a guarantee either that it will or will not work.. it is all in the process of troubleshooting old hardware with no modern support to modern hardware.. i was unable to find any modded drivers at all either, so this process will be basically shooting into the wind, but were gunna give it a run anyways.. cuz really what do u have to lose right, right.. directions and images below >>> ps. for easier reference to ur sound card in the future.. reference its name as 'ct4810' to other ppl as it will be easier for them to find it, not Creative Audio PCI (ES1371,ES1373), which is as known as Ensoniq PCI sound card.. Drivers Needed Download >>> https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/sqpZ402L/file.html unpack the zip file and u will be presented with 3 different driver exe files.. these files can be trusted firstly cuz they came from me and secondly cuz they r all from trusted hardware manufacture websites, not some shady driver sites.. now of course i mean run first, second, & third as this here >>> run setup file 'SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01 - Sound Blaster PCI 128' and restart computer open device manager and click this on the sound device icon like in the image below and then click 'Scan for hardware changes' 3. if this didnt change anything and the hardware is still unrecognized, then go back to the Deivce Manager and click 'Add legacy hardware' 4. now go back to the original zip folder that had the 3 setup files.. now i want u to right click on the initial setup exe we're using called 'SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01 - Sound Blaster PCI 128' and use 7-zip to extract the setup exe file to a new folder and we'll name that folder 'Sound Blaster PCI 128 - Standalone Drivers'.. like in the image below >>> 5. navigate back to the image below and click browse and go to the newly created folder called 'Sound Blaster PCI 128 - Standalone Drivers' and click on this folder inside called ''SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01 - Sound Blaster PCI 128' then click further into it on 'Drivers' n last one called 'Wdmdrv'.. 7. after u have successfully followed all of my instructions, please restart the computer and see if it worked and ur device is now proper recpngized by windows 7.. if it is not and ur still in the same boat as were at first.. then do every single step we went over above in the exact same order and process.. except this time do it with the next setup ex file called 'SB24_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0090a -Audigy SE drivers' and of course when the time comes make a new folder for the drivers from that setup pack and call it say 'Audigy SE - Standalone Drivers'.. just like stated above already if that one doesnt work in the exact same process follow the same setup and lastly try the 'Creative Sound Blaster Audio Driver - windows 7 32-bit'.. except this particular setup exe file doesnt allow for extracting, so if u get to this one and it doesnt work.. u r how we can say a dead end.. so, my friend please do all of this to a tee.. no side stepping, follow exactly or what is the point of me taking over an hour setting up images and instructions for u right , right.. after u finished all of this, please let me know if it worked and of course of it doesnt work.. i will try to continue to assist u as i bang my head against the wall.. lol.. good luck..
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    OK to resolve what I mentioned and to misunderstanding what I mean when I said ( maybe what I say that you do not understand well ). Actually my mother board is not working due to a faulty audio chip so I replace a PCI sound card which as mentioned it work fine. I like to the Realtek audio driver because of the frequent updates. The Creative PCI sound card ( Creative Audio PCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM) Drivers ) there is no audio driver updates. These are the reason make me to try other audio driver as I could not afford to change a better sound card. So if you can help me solve this problem or other way round will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes I followed what you have mentioned and reboot after uninstalling the Creactive PCI driver. i do hope you understand what I said.
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    British singer Will Young's new album called Lexicon Rapigator would be fine Thanks
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    Man, I don't know weather to be impressed or.... Music is like art, one persons three year olds pic hanging on the frig is the best in the world. There is no right or wrong. Music is the only thing that can get past the gate keeper of the soul. Hell, the other day I was tapping my foot to Barry M enjoy
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    Manjaro Linux Just Click The Download Image