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  1. wiserider

    Stop Windows 10 From Tracking You

    Thank you.
  2. wiserider

    List of MS-DOS Commands

    Thank you Buddy.
  3. wiserider

    shortcut CyberPoenix Forum

    I can use translator. If it would be easier. Thank you again. Je peux utiliser un traducteur. Si ce serait plus facile . Merci encore.
  4. wiserider

    shortcut CyberPoenix Forum

    Merci, I don't suppose you would have the time to explain just how to do it in Text Merci , je ne pense pas que vous auriez le temps d'expliquer comment le faire en mode texte
  5. Can I use New Text Document instead . Thank's
  6. Don't have notepad on laptop?
  7. wiserider

    [CP] Members Of The Month

    Darko Nothing but helpful, I have bent his ears for hours these past few days.
  8. wiserider

    Hello all!

    Hi and welcome, I too am a bit of a newbie, However I have been on here over a few years. Have a ball..
  9. Thank you ChasX, I will try it, cool runnins
  10. can any body assist me in activating office enterprise 2007?