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  1. littlebit

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Wow, thanks and much appreciation!
  2. littlebit

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    So here's the thing I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on an old computer. I thought it was pre-activated but low and behold when I checked,..it says,"2 days until automatic activation. Activate Windows now" So is there a no-brainer guaranteed solution or one time fix for this? Please help! Thanks up front!
  3. littlebit


    Very good reasons to smile! Sometimes it could be the difference between making or breaking someone's day!
  4. littlebit

    The Cynical Philosopher...

    Hahahahahaha,...I'm in tears from laughing so much...these are good....many thanks for this share!
  5. littlebit

    How to get to heaven

    Now that's what I call a smart kid!
  6. And I didn't even know that ants could read!!
  7. littlebit

    Watering Hole

  8. littlebit

    Summitsoft Creative Fonts 1000 Colors v1.0.0

    Thanks 4 sharing!
  9. littlebit

    The woman & the frog

    Smartest and fastest way to inheritance! Lol!
  10. littlebit

    Fourth Husband

    That's it,...I'm giving up mushrooms!
  11. littlebit

    Bye Bye

    I don't get it,...I guess I missed it!
  12. littlebit

    Stars turn out for Stephen Hawking memorial

    A great man admired and a great man that will be missed!
  13. littlebit

    Majesty v1.5.1 - Restaurant WooCommerce WordPress Theme

    Thanks 4 sharing!
  14. littlebit

    A Husbands Moment Of Realization

    He could have a point there...lmao!
  15. littlebit

    Snappy Dresser

    A mister fix it, he's not! Lol!