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  1. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    No problem man. Glad to be of service. If they are inactive, unfortunately, I have no means of contacting them, so if they don't respond by tomorrow, I would be happy to provide you my own version of a user bar, if that would suit you .
  2. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    I don't build user bars, that is left to Kevindina and GlassMaster.
  3. Senpai Cat

    Windows Phone 8 Leak

    I am probably going to try and turn my droid over to it if Cortana isn't released for Android devices.. Mostly out of curiosity and super excitement. Looks sleek and I really would enjoy trying it out.
  4. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Here you are, I tried to follow your request the best I could, hope this works for you. Just noticed it said SIDE not INSIDE ROFL!!! Sorry mate, if you want me to remake I can.
  5. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Oh, sorry about that brother. I will get to it, but isn't 800 x 800 a bit much? I am pretty sure rules only allow for 500 x 300 max (or so I last read, it's been awhile.)
  6. After the release and huge failure of the Chromebook, I hope they do something incredible. I want to like Google, I do. But I don't. I just.. I just don't.
  7. Senpai Cat

    Returning For the Millionth Time!

    But of course It's only natural to miss the pretty ones ;D
  8. Senpai Cat

    Returning For the Millionth Time!

    <3 I didn't see your name on the list Tech <3 But I missed you tons too <3 I will shoot you a PM my brother <3 Glad to see you Last Wicked <3 Missed you too buddy!
  9. Hello CyberPhoenix! WOW What a long time! Really! Well, I have started a dedication to uploading, and while I still to GFX, it is not as often as I used to, though I will continue to support the CyberPhoenix community with my position. You can expect to see a release of oodles of movies, as I have quite a collection, from old to new. I cannot agree to become an uploader for CyberPhoenix because these uploads are geared towards a larger global network I am building, however, if you would like I can include a link to CyberPhoenix. I have missed you all dearly, glad to see people like Mr. Grumpy and Vincserious around. (Whose name I can never spell right). Well, for those of you who have never even heard of me before, I am MasatoEM (For now, I would like to have it changed), I am 22 years old, I am a designer among other things. I am not a human, those are gross, I am a Cat. So.. yeah, let that sink in for awhile. All in all, that pretty much sums it up! Good to be back
  10. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    I will try to play catchup Your cat is back ;D @vinceserious You requested a new avatar and signature, because it is a definitionless request, I will just make something for you Here you are! http://i.minus.com/ibqf42EFwtlt71.png http://i.minus.com/i63ILjgEWLPkC.png @achaithanya Request filled: http://i.minus.com/ib1iRbbFL6FT3g.png enjoy!
  11. Senpai Cat

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Appologies for my absense, I have been beyond busy lately, I will try to fill a few requests when I can. I just moved to a new state and I do not yet have my own internet.
  12. Senpai Cat

    Inspirational Quotes for Designers |

    There is a misspelling in: "artists don't creates arts, they just use their hands to show every one how their world looks like" by: F3AR But all look pretty good.
  13. Senpai Cat

    CyberPhoenix | Button's | for Uploader's

    Very nice set man. Well made.