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  1. After the release and huge failure of the Chromebook, I hope they do something incredible. I want to like Google, I do. But I don't. I just.. I just don't.
  2. Senpai Cat

    Returning For the Millionth Time!

    But of course It's only natural to miss the pretty ones ;D
  3. Senpai Cat

    Returning For the Millionth Time!

    <3 I didn't see your name on the list Tech <3 But I missed you tons too <3 I will shoot you a PM my brother <3 Glad to see you Last Wicked <3 Missed you too buddy!
  4. Hello CyberPhoenix! WOW What a long time! Really! Well, I have started a dedication to uploading, and while I still to GFX, it is not as often as I used to, though I will continue to support the CyberPhoenix community with my position. You can expect to see a release of oodles of movies, as I have quite a collection, from old to new. I cannot agree to become an uploader for CyberPhoenix because these uploads are geared towards a larger global network I am building, however, if you would like I can include a link to CyberPhoenix. I have missed you all dearly, glad to see people like Mr. Grumpy and Vincserious around. (Whose name I can never spell right). Well, for those of you who have never even heard of me before, I am MasatoEM (For now, I would like to have it changed), I am 22 years old, I am a designer among other things. I am not a human, those are gross, I am a Cat. So.. yeah, let that sink in for awhile. All in all, that pretty much sums it up! Good to be back
  5. Senpai Cat

    Inspirational Quotes for Designers |

    There is a misspelling in: "artists don't creates arts, they just use their hands to show every one how their world looks like" by: F3AR But all look pretty good.
  6. Senpai Cat

    CyberPhoenix | Button's | for Uploader's

    Very nice set man. Well made.
  7. Senpai Cat

    CP User Bars [UPDATED]

    I see what you are saying Glass, I will give it a shot
  8. Senpai Cat

    Some older sigs

    Quite old... Newest one of these is 4 months.
  9. Senpai Cat

    CP User Bars [UPDATED]

    Some user bar concepts I have created. I will continue to update them as time progresses and when new additions are made. Administrator Arts Division Super Mod Tech Mod Staff Leader Downloads Mod Community Mod Uploader
  10. Senpai Cat

    Do you like the new layout?

    I like it but I have some minor changes to make in regards to it.. It should be more suited to CyberPhoenix in my opinion. I will have a GFX thread with the ideas for change
  11. Senpai Cat

    Write your name in Japanese

    ZUMOARiKUNORi Zoo-mo-ari-kuno-ri?? o.o OR IS IT?!
  12. Senpai Cat

    CP Buttons - Collection [UPDATED]

    Information buttons added!
  13. Senpai Cat

    Corrupt a Wish Foundation

    Granted but the gum drops are expired and contain bacteria that causes you to develop a cancerous finger. I wish I knew my way around any place in the world.
  14. Senpai Cat

    CP Buttons - Collection [UPDATED]

    Password buttons added
  15. This is my progress on button creations. There will be more to be certain and this post will be updated accordingly. Enjoy! Standard Download Button Standard Download Button Green Standard Password Button Standard Password Button Green Standard IMDB Button Standard Information Button FILE HOSTS COLLECTION MEGA MEDIAFIRE HOTFILE UPLOADED