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    Another new sig...

    Hey guys, its me again! Check it out. Tell me what ya think...? It's Vincent Valentine from FFVII for all that don't know. Thanks in advance!
  2. ctd87

    Statham sig

    Hi guys Was just messing around and this is what I came up with
  3. Hi guys! Here is a useful list of ShortKeys for Photoshop CS5 on Windows. Selecting Draw Marquee from Center Alt-Marquee Add to a Selection Shift Subtract from a Selection Alt Intersection with a Selection Shift-Alt Make Copy of Selection w/Move tool Alt-Drag Selection Make Copy of Selection when not in Move tool Ctrl-Alt-Drag Selection Move Selection (in 1-pixel Increments) Arrow Keys Move Selection (in 10-pixel Increments) Shift-Arrow Keys Select all Opaque Pixels on Layer Ctrl-click on Layer Thumbnail (in Layers panel) Restore Last Selection Ctrl-Shift-D Feather Selection Shift-F6 Move Marquee while drawing selection Hold Space while drawing marquee Viewing Fit on Screen Double-click on Hand tool or Ctrl-0 100% View Level (Actual Pixels) Double-Click on Zoom Tool or Ctrl-Alt-0 Zoom in .. Ctrl-Space-Click or Ctrl-Plus(+) Zoom out Alt-Space-Click or Ctrl-Minus(–) Hide all tools and panels Tab Hide all panels except Toolbox and Options bar Shift-Tab Rotate through full screen modes F Scroll image left or right in window Ctrl-Shift-Page Up/Down Jump/Zoom to part of Image Ctrl-drag in Navigator panel Toggles layer mask on/off as rubylith \ Layer Shortcuts Create new layer Ctrl-Shift-N Select non-contiguous layers Ctrl-Click layers Select contiguous layers Click one layer, then Shift-Click another layer Delete Layer Delete key (while in the Move tool) View contents of layer mask Alt-Click layer mask icon Temporarily turn off layer mask Shift-Click layer mask icon Clone layer as you move it Alt-Drag Find/Select layer containing object Right-Click on the object w/Move tool Change layer opacity Number pad keys (w/Move tool selected) Cycle down or up through blend modes Shift-Plus(+) or Minus(–) Change to a specific blend mode (w/Move tool) Shift-Alt-letter (ie: N=Normal, M=Multiply. etc.) Switch to layer below/above current layer Alt-[ or Alt-] Type Shortcuts Select all text on layer Double-Click on T thumbnail in Layers panel Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 2 pts Ctrl-Shift->/< Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 10 pts Ctrl-Shift-Alt->/< Increase/Decrease kerning/tracking Alt-Right/Left Arrow Align text left/center/right Ctrl-Shift-L/C/R Painting Fill selection with background color Ctrl-Backspace Fill selection with foreground color Alt-Backspace Fill selection with foreground color using Lock Transparent Pixels Shift-Alt-Backspace Fill selection with source state in History panel Ctrl-Alt-Backspace Display Fill dialog box Shift-Backspace Sample as background color Alt-Click w/Eyedropper tool To get Move tool While in any painting/editing tool-hold Ctrl To get Eyedropper with Paint tools Alt Change paint opacity (with Airbrush OFF) Number keys Change paint opacity (with Airbrush ON) Shift-Number keys Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush ON) Number keys Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush OFF) Shift-Number keys Cross-Hair Cursor Any painting/editing tool-turn Caps Lock on Decrease/Increase Brush Size [ or ] Decrease/Increase Hardness of Brush Shift-[ or Shift-] Switch between preset Brushes < or > Open Brushes pop-up panel Right-Click in Image window Erase to History panel's source state Alt-Eraser Cycle down or up through blend modes Shift-Plus(+) or Minus(–) Change to a specific blend mode Shift-Alt-letter (ie: N=Normal, M=Multiply, etc.) Create fixed color target from within a dialog box Shift-Click in image window Delete fixed color target Alt-Click on target with Color Sampler tool Create new spot-color channel from current selection Ctrl-Click on New Channel button in Channel panel Pen Tool Shortcuts To get Direct Selection tool while using Pen Ctrl Switch between Add-Anchor and Delete-Anchor Point tools Alt Switch from Path Selection tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchor point Ctrl-Alt To Select a whole path w/Direct Selection tool Alt-click Convert path to a selection Ctrl-click on path name (in Paths panel) Panel Shortcuts Show/Hide Brushes panel F5 Show/Hide Color panel F6 Show/Hide Layers panel F7 Show/Hide Info panel F8 Show/Hide Actions panel Alt-F9 Open Adobe Bridge Ctrl-Alt-O Other Shortcuts Switch between open documents Ctrl-Tab Undo or Redo operations beyond last one Ctrl-Alt-Z/Ctrl-Shift-Z Apply Last Filter Ctrl-F Opens Last Filter Dialog Box Ctrl-Alt-F Hand Tool Spacebar Reset Dialog Box Hold Alt, Cancel turns into Reset Button, Click it Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 1 unit Up/Down Arrow Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 10 units Shift-Up/Down Arrow Replay last Transformation Ctrl-Shift-T Measure Angle between Lines (Protractor Function) After ruler is drawn, Alt-Drag end of line with Ruler Tool Move Crop Marquee while creating Hold Space while drawing Snap Guide to Ruler ticks Hold Shift while dragging Highlight Fields in Options bar (n/a for all tools) Enter Don't Snap object edge while moving Hold Control while dragging Tools V Move M Marquee tools L Lasso tools W Quick Selection, Magic Wand C Crop and Slice Tools I Eyedropper, Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, Count J Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch, Red Eye B Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement, Mixer Brush S Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp Y History Brush, Art History Brush E Eraser tools G Gradient, Paint Bucket O Dodge, Burn, Sponge P Pen tools T Type tools A Path Selection, Direct Selection U Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom Shape K 3D Tools N 3D Camera Tools H Hand R Rotate View Z Zoom D Default colors X Switch Foreground and Background colors Q Quick Mask Mode To switch between all tools within groups, add the Shift key to the letters above For example, to switch between rectangular and elliptical marquee hit Shift-M
  4. ctd87

    Cutest Dog ever

    Aww, doesnt it make you want to just give it a big hug?
  5. ctd87

    Little Hodiaki

    LOL! And on another note....Gordon Brown is the worst politician in recent times. I would like to go on record and say, I didn't vote for him, or labour for that matter at the time!
  6. ctd87

    Tell me what you think

    Something similar happend over here before in UK. The person was forced to give the ticket back then also. It's stupid, by throwing it in the bin, the original owner surely forfeits all rights to stake a claim!
  7. ctd87

    Star Wars Day

    Took me a while to understand
  8. ctd87

    Steampunk Girls

  9. Ive broken the tip of my little finger :( Owch!!

  10. Ive broken the tip of my little finger

  11. ctd87

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    w0000t!!! Ferrets are ace!! My Taid(grandfather) used to keep them, vicious little things
  12. ctd87

    Things u Love..

  13. ctd87


    Just send a PM ADMiN 's way But are you sure you don't want the VIP status also? It really does rock.
  14. ctd87

    One Night In The Pub

    I find this rather offensive being from Wales I'm going to report this now!! _______________________ Just kidding lol
  15. Amazing advertising. I wish they had done that over here instead - I would've pushed that button with no hesitation lol
  16. ctd87

    First Time..

  17. You took the words right out of my mouth
  18. ctd87

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    @DS - How dare you say that about Tattle. That is obviously Tattle !
  19. ctd87

    Best of Youtube

    Cool, Thanks bro - Saves a lot of time scrapping through the rubbish to find the funny stuff on there !
  20. ctd87

    Why I Owe My Mother ....

    All, so true ! I couldn't even count the amount of times my brother, sister and I heard this I dreaded this one lol
  21. Hello CyberPhoenix!! We here at CyberPhoenix are always looking for ways to improve our service to you, our members, to make sure you have an experience of the highest quality during the time you spend here. So with that said, we are looking for a bunch of dedicated, hard working and active members to join a new team dedicated to making our site a bigger and better place for everyone. Requirements: You must have been with us for a minimum of 2 months You must have a minimum post count of 50 You must be an active member Some experience in a publicity role would be an advantage, although not a necessity. More details will be provided upon acceptance of your application, so don't flood with PMs asking for details. If you feel like you have the time to help and meet the above requirements, then send Tech 425 a PM titled 'CP Publicity Crew' with the following info... Don't be afraid to apply, we don't bite: Username: Your CyberPhoenix Username. Age: Experience(s): About me: Your application(s) will be reviewed by our support team and will be replied to at the earliest possible convenience. Our Best Wishes & Good Luck, CyberPhoenix Staff Send a PM titled "Application(username) -Tech 425" @ Tech 425 with your application. Once we have some members of the crew in place, we shall go official.