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  1. ctd87

    Little Hodiaki

    LOL! And on another note....Gordon Brown is the worst politician in recent times. I would like to go on record and say, I didn't vote for him, or labour for that matter at the time!
  2. ctd87

    Star Wars Day

    Took me a while to understand
  3. ctd87

    Steampunk Girls

  4. Ive broken the tip of my little finger :( Owch!!

  5. Ive broken the tip of my little finger

  6. ctd87

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    w0000t!!! Ferrets are ace!! My Taid(grandfather) used to keep them, vicious little things
  7. ctd87

    Things u Love..

  8. ctd87


    Just send a PM ADMiN 's way But are you sure you don't want the VIP status also? It really does rock.
  9. ctd87

    One Night In The Pub

    I find this rather offensive being from Wales I'm going to report this now!! _______________________ Just kidding lol
  10. Amazing advertising. I wish they had done that over here instead - I would've pushed that button with no hesitation lol
  11. ctd87

    First Time..

  12. You took the words right out of my mouth
  13. ctd87

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    @DS - How dare you say that about Tattle. That is obviously Tattle !
  14. ctd87

    Best of Youtube

    Cool, Thanks bro - Saves a lot of time scrapping through the rubbish to find the funny stuff on there !