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    Dear, There are many Programming Language to Learn, All Basic is similar, You may start by PHP , Javascript (Javascript is not Java ). Go to www.w3schools.com then can try by C , C++, Java or C# for advance level and for Mobile development Objective C, I you learn well Java you can explore yourself to Android and other opensource, If you interested to Windows Planform then C#. There are huge ebooks and tutorial online
  2. I think Code Blocks to get the download link http://www.blog.pennybackshop.com/best-editor-for-c-or-c.html
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    Help with php

    It may be helpful, I will tell again. <html> <body> <table border=2 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 align="center"> <tr> <td>Choose a book</td> <td> <select name="books"> <?php $books=array( HD=> array( 'bkid'=>'100', 'bktitle'=>'Computer Hardware', 'bkprice'=>'12.250', 'discount'=>'0.10'), OS=> array( 'bkid'=>'200', 'bktitle'=>'Operating System', 'bkprice'=>'25.5', 'discount'=>'0.15'), PS=> array( 'bkid'=>'300', 'bktitle'=>'Photoshop', 'bkprice'=>'8.3', 'discount'=>'0.20')); //From here It's probalby wrong foreach($books as $key => $value){ // $value[bkid]." - ".$value[bktitle]." -OR ".$value[bkprice]." - ".$value[discount]."<br>"; echo "<option>".$value[bkid]." - ".$value[bktitle]." -OR ".$value[bkprice]." - ".$value[discount]."</option><br>"; // I don;t know what to do here } ?> </select> </td> </tr> </body> </html>
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    Help with php

    Dear You code is nice, Please check again, or can use a Counter as follows to protect duplication $catssql = "SELECT * FROM cats1"; $result2 = mysql_query($catssql); $i= 0; echo '<table width="800" class="productstable" align="center">'; while($cats1row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result2)) { echo '<tr><td><b>'. $cats1row['cat_nm'].'</b></td></tr>'; $ctid = $cats1row['id']; $catsoncat = "SELECT * FROM categories,cats1 WHERE categories.catid = $ctid"; $result3 = mysql_query($catsoncat); while($catsoncatrow = mysql_fetch_assoc($result3)) { echo '<tr><td>'.$catsoncatrow['cat_name'].'</td></tr>'; } $i++; } echo '</table>'; or see the post to know more http://www.blog.pennybackshop.com/fetching-mysql-data-in-proper-way.html CP Moderator Message: Link Coded - Tech425
  5. Dear , I don't know your specific needs, you can try http://download.cnet.com/DLL-Export-Viewer/3000-2218_4-10457054.html or can try by any simple programming editor like Notepad++ or http://en.softonic.com/s/dll-editor to more detail about dll file http://www.blog.pennybackshop.com/what-is-dll-and-how-to-read.html
  6. This is a site logo/watermark script that lets you display a static image at any of the four corners of the browser, never going out of sight. It's useful for branding purposes, or to offer visitors an easy way to jump back to your site's homepage. The logo can be set to disappear after x seconds (as you specify in the code). Simply add the below code inside the <HEAD> section of the page you wish the logo/watermark to be shown: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="staticlogo.js"> </script> //download the file staticlogo.js http://pennybackshop.com/uploadserver/staticlogo.js /// The above code references the external .js file " staticlogo.js", which you need to download (right click, and select "Save As"). Important Note: Your page should contain a valid doctype at the very top for this script to work properly. If your page doesn't, the logo will be made stationary on the page via scripting instead of CSS, which is less smooth. Configuration Inside the .js file, you should configure the following variables: setting: {orientation:4, visibleduration:20000, fadeduration:[1000, 500]}, //orientation=1|2|3|4, duration=millisec, fadedurations=millisecs offsets: {x:10, y:10},//offset of logo relative to window corner logoHTML: '<a href="http://www.dynamicdrive.com" title="Dynamic Drive"><img src="logo.gif" style="width:50px; height:47px; border:0" /></a>', //HTML for logo, which is auto wrapped in DIV w/ ID="mysitelogo" Most of them are fairly self explanatory. For setting.orientation, it sets the orientation of the logo relative to the window edge, and should an integer from 1 to 4 (1=top left corner, 2=top right corner, 3=bottom left corner, 4=bottom right corner). The option setting.visibleduration sets the duration (in milliseconds) before the logo disappears. For perpetual, enter 0 instead.
  7. I appreciate this type of Invitation , Will try to post by own. Thanks.
  8. Dear , API : Application Programmable Interface. In brief collecting data from third party server. You may use the rss feed also, However, API give you XML or Json data to use, you should process it by PHP, Java, XSSLT or C# . To know some more http://www.blog.pennybackshop.com/api-user-in-brief.html