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  1. Hello pal I have a problem which is very puzzling to me. Just a few days back I was welcome with the 'This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine'. I have been using it for more then a year without any problems it was activated with Daz windows loader. I tried to use windows loader 2.2 but encouterd problem it failed to enter the key, when I open the loader it state Unlicenced on the program I tried to tick the legacy but also failed. This PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate x86. I do hope you pals can help. Thanks.
  2. makongma

    BurnAware Professional

    It's late then never thanks for your reply. Yes my OS is old but I have no choice I could not afford to buy a new PC. I am a old man. What I can say is that I could run this app. in v14.9 without problems. I tried even portable version. In the latest V15.4, I got a pop-out saying "Datadisc- burndevice index out of bounds". Any ideas to this problem.
  3. makongma

    BurnAware Professional

    Hello pals I am having problem in this mentioned software, it does not successfully burn Data Disc . It hang during hang at the compilation stage. I tried to download from other source and all having the same problem. My OS. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32 bit. I do hope someone can help me Thanks.
  4. makongma

    PC monitor no signal

    Thanks for the link but there is no mention of no signal I may missed that subject under different terms. The problem is that my old monitor connected to VGA socket and it still working only it appear grainy on partly of the screen. Anyway I appreciate your help. I do not mind any of you all can give further instruction on it.
  5. makongma

    PC monitor no signal

    Thanks for your prompt reply. My AOC monitor have only 2 sockets connection that is 1. Power 2. Analog (D-Sub 15-Pin VGA cable). Can you advise further.
  6. makongma

    PC monitor no signal

    I have a problem in starting my new PC LCD monitor. My present Philip 19 ins. is giving or near the end of life. When I connect the VGA cable to my monitor and PC. and power up my PC in the new monitor ( AOC E2070Swn) when ON and it display it logo and then a moving message say no signal and went black I could see the computer is running as the HDD indicator blinking. I could not do anything in my PC as there is no image of my desktop appear. What am I to do to get it to work or how to set it at this kind of situation. My OS. Windows 7 pro. Thanks.
  7. makongma

    Adguard problems

    I have a few problems which like to seek from you guys regarding Adguard. I have tried almost all the patches but none have perform what I wish. Some may made it to full version but the problem are: not able to up dates the filters, no updates available, after applying the patch instead of having the latest filters it went back to updates 100 days ago. I follow the instructions given but I am not sure what went wrong. I do hope someone can explain more or is it they did not have such problems. Thanks.
  8. makongma

    Eset Nod32 antivirus V12.0.2.31

    Thanks anionic for the information. Will try and see after going through the site.
  9. makongma

    Eset Nod32 antivirus V12.0.2.31

    Thanks for the reply. Regarding Linus OS old man like me does not know how to run it. I f you can shed light in this and recommend which version for person like me will be much appreciate.
  10. makongma

    Eset Nod32 antivirus V12.0.2.31

    I am using Eset Nod32 antivirus V12.0.2.31 and my OS is windows 7 pro. x86. There are some problems with this antivirus, like 'Eset security is no longer supported on your outdated version of Microsoft windows'. Updates failed because of my windows 7. I just installed Avast premium security but I do like very much of it. I wish to have your opinion which antivirus which is similar to nod32 antivirus it is not to bulky in resources. Thanks
  11. makongma

    ESET nod32 antivirus

    I am using ESET nod32 antivirus, when I pause protection and use TNod it seem to flagged down TNod username and key finder. Is there I have to disable other parameter temporally for it to work. This version seem to try to open a browser each time you click on the tab in the program. The data base auto updates seem not working (eset modules updates failed) I have to click 'check updates' to update the data base. Any one have these problem and a fix to it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the software given and I will give it a go.
  13. Thanks again for your attentions to my problem. I am not clear what you mean ' have u gotten a chance to i guess play with the controls that the sound blaster setup offers? ' do you mean in the 'volume mixer - speakers (SB PCI(WDM)' in the speakers properties tab where there are 5 tabs in it.
  14. I am please with the help steps given which I have not get or seen in other sites. Sadly I could not get the Realtek audio driver to installed properly. I got the 'setup file 'SBPCI_WebDrvsV5_12_01 - Sound Blaster PCI 128' installed successfully in the first trial but no where the Realtek complete folder found, a less then 4MB. can be only found in Program file. I guess my PC may not like Realtek and now with the new sound blaster driver installed I may stay with it. Once again thanks very much for the undivided help render.