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  1. crowbarx5

    Agent Ransack Pro

    old version is ok. thx
  2. crowbarx5

    winhex with forensics licence (Completed)

    thx... but i found the app self in the net.
  3. crowbarx5

    Access Data's Forensics Tool Kit

    i use the freeware from 2015
  4. crowbarx5

    Evidence Eliminator (Completed)

    thx... but i cant access to this filehoster server,isp is blockig me or dead url.
  5. crowbarx5

    search tagspaces

    edit the pro ver.
  6. crowbarx5

    search RecentX

    for win 7,8
  7. crowbarx5

    search Tabbles pro

    for win 7,8
  8. crowbarx5

    TaskLayout for Win ?

    I was looking for that
  9. in windows 10 there is no problem. in windows 7 there is no gui with 3delite apps.
  10. crowbarx5

    Des Blood 4 - Lost Alone

    links for engl version from illusion maybe https://2th.me/a/h_game/f1030/108310 here account block
  11. crowbarx5

    hi buddies (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    oh yes thanks there is a problem where is the search button on this forum ?
  12. the problem is the dongle or?
  13. Has anyone cracked,patched Access Data's Forensics Tool Kit?
  14. Has anyone cracked,patched Evidence Eliminator?