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    Blood, Sweat and Pixels Audiobook [COMPLETED]

    ur most welcome.. u need anything else, please just ask..
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    Funny Pictures

    that is just breathtaking, wow.. the teacher should be hung by her toes for ruining that "ART"..
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    Like A Virgin

    bahahaha.. mama to the rescue.. lmfao..
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    Ten Classical Bumper Stickers

    i luv this one..
  5. yeah im aware of POSReady, but it's only valid for 4 more months.. why put in all that effort into installation and customization of the OS, when it's gunna be dead so to say.. but thank u luisam for the information on it, ur awesome..
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    mark Knopfler - All the Roadrunning

    ur awesome luisam..
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    hahaha.. oh no not the hershey squirts..
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    Black Panties‏

    omfg uk.. that just simply brilliant.. hahaha..
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    Catholic Golf

    hahaha.. oh god missed, frickin hilarious.. good one uk..
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    Corrupted RAR files?

    u never mentioned if u disabled ur antivirus and then unzipped the files, to see if that worked.. please let me know.. also like aabee mentioned could u share here a couple of the posts here that r causing u problems??
  11. The End of Net Neutrality: Why You Need a VPN Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and the Internet as we know it today, envisioned a resource based on the philosophy that information should be freely available to anyone. The Internet was born of necessity and curiosity and experimentation, and free-flowing information became universally ingrained in the zeitgeist of Internet users from the beginning. Of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee writes, "Our success will be measured by how well we foster the creativity of our children. Whether future scientists have the tools to cure diseases. Whether people, in developed and developing economies alike, can distinguish reliable information from propaganda or commercial chaff. Whether the next generation will build systems that support democracy and promote accountable debate." Neither the father of the Internet nor the successful entrepreneurs who followed in his wake needed to ask anyone for permission when they began their journeys; the permissionless nature of the Internet imbued netizens with the means to develop their innovations and creativity without interference. Back then, the Net was neutral. Net neutrality is a principle which prohibits Internet providers from treating some traffic online differently than other traffic. Specifically, it stops them from blocking access to certain content, throttling Internet traffic, and implementing paid prioritization (or "fast lanes") for sites willing to pay extra. It is one of many ways to ensure a "fair" marketplace, and it is dwindling. For many countries, the persistent rhetoric that some information, media, social platforms, and philosophies hold more value than others brought about the demise of net neutrality guidelines in its various forms. Among them, the United States, on June 11th, 2018, told Internet service providers they are no longer required to offer equal access to all web content. Now, ISPs can discriminate against and manipulate traffic any way they see fit. And this battle is not restricted to which popular services pay the inevitable tolls. Lacking net neutrality regulations, ISPs can impact your Internet experience, and your life, in some major ways. IT'S ABOUT PRIVACY Without a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, your ISP can see your activity online. Full stop. Many ISPs around the world keep a record of traffic; including links clicked, files accessed, chat clients utilized, streaming service frequented, and so forth. In the United States, the FCC additionally blocked online privacy protections for consumers. This means ISPs do not need consent to conduct the invasive collection, then sharing or selling, of your personal data to advertisers and third parties. A VPN like VyprVPN allows you to connect to a remote server location to change the IP address your ISP provides and wrap encryption around your Internet connection. Because a VPN's IP address does not belong to your ISP, your ISP cannot track your browsing habits, collect personal data on you, or distribute those details to third parties such as advertisers or governments. Using a reliably encrypted VPN service substantially increases your privacy in light of recent deregulation and egregious privacy violations. IT'S ABOUT SPEED Even though net neutrality regulations prohibited throttling, or slowing down your connection, ISPs still performed throttling if they detected you using more than what they deemed your "fair share" of bandwidth. Now, absent regulations altogether, ISPs are free to expand this practice as they desire. Providers can build the aforementioned fast lanes and charge a premium to receive that important download you need sooner. This forces consumers and businesses to choose between paying more or experiencing slower speeds. Frequent streamers of services such as Netflix, eSports competitors, and others may face fees or experience a severe decrease in the quality of their Internet connection because of how they make use of the service. When you connect to an encrypted VPN, your ISP cannot see your activity, which makes it difficult for them to throttle your speeds based on how you use the service. Your VPN can also inherently bypass congested ISP networks to achieve faster performance overall. IT'S ABOUT CENSORSHIP Net neutrality protected a wide range of content online from favoritism. Providers now hold full authority over which websites and applications are accessible to their customers, and they can obstruct that access on a whim. If your preferred streaming service rivals your IPS's bottom line, for example, you may find significant depreciation in the quality of your stream, or your provider may force you toward content they prefer you access based on their ownership, business relations, or political affiliation. A VPN bypasses the obstructions to content that ISPs put in place on their networks, giving you unrestricted access to the open Internet your ISP may withhold from you. More people opt to use a VPN these days because it can supply an IP address from anywhere in the world, not just within their home country. Not only does a VPN facilitate a secure connection, users can connect to a server anywhere in the world to avoid geographic restrictions placed on useful or favored services. CONCLUSION The Wild West days of the Internet are slipping behind us as ISPs shift from providing access to controlling that access, and a VPN is an essential tool for protecting yourself through this transition and beyond.
  12. Rædwulf

    Is Your VPN Leaking?

    im sealed up like fort knox, with always using opera's vpn and my vpn with expressvpn.. i checked with everything u shared just to be sure.. im very happy and can sleep better at night.. thank u for all the info tech.. im a frickin online ninja..
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    Arrested For Laughing

    hahaha.. super funny..
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    The Widow

    very nice.. lol..
  15. Rædwulf

    Corrupted RAR files?

    first i would suggest using 7-Zip on those files and see if that helps.. https://www.7-zip.org/download.html secondly i think the files ur trying to unzip r from warez sites, correct.. i think that the files contain some sort of patch, crack or keygen and ur antivirus is catching it.. causing ur unzip to fail.. so disable ur antivirus just while u unzip the files.. let me know what happens..
  16. Rædwulf

    Great Truths About Life!

    this is the gods honest truth right here.. i should know, i have a 16 yrs old son..
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  18. this is for any member that would like to be a moderator.. position's will be for Community Moderator, Tech Moderator, Downloads Moderator, Mobile Moderator & VIP Moderator (must be a VIP).. ur eligibility will depend on ur activity; prior knowledge (if u've been a moderator on other forums; staff's overall decision.. so please post below why u wanna be a moderator, prior knowledge & what u think u can offer our wonderful forum.. please post a semi lengthly reason, no two word post.. we're all very excited to hear from u all..
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    The Gay Flight Attendant

    hahaha.. queer eye for the queen smack down.. lmfao..
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    Man Of The House

    oh wifey burn.. lmfao..
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    Blood, Sweat and Pixels Audiobook [COMPLETED]

    here u go, it's a ePUB eBook.. click link below for info and download..
  22. Rædwulf

    Draw anything you like!

    it's a .swf (Adobe Flash file format).. it's safe.. just open the file, after it's downloaded and draw..
  23. Rædwulf

    Glasswire 2.1.137 wanted

    yeah i found the new release on torrent.. 2 different ones and both of them, the setup files were tagged as malware.. so yeah only safe release i found was the v2.0.115..
  24. Rædwulf

    Young Fathers - Dead Album

  25. use other independent companies for ur encryption needs and always use a no logging vpn..