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  1. Rædwulf

    Final Salute

    that's very sad, but beautiful at the same time..
  2. Rædwulf

    Are YOU the manager….

    ahh that's gross.. lol..
  3. Rædwulf

    Arguing Couple

  4. Rædwulf

    Tank Man

    yeah this is so iconic.. thanx for sharing this uk666..
  5. Rædwulf


    lol a biblical joke.. too funny, hebrews.. hehe..
  6. Rædwulf

    Unexpected entry

    oh that's rotten..
  7. Rædwulf

    Catherine Summer

    lmao that's brilliant..
  8. Rædwulf

    Lion Tamer

    haha cute..
  9. Rædwulf


    hahaha.. what a predicament he got himself into.. lol..
  10. anytime, glad to have helped u out..
  11. Rædwulf

    Motivational posters

    is that the truth..
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  13. Rædwulf

    Funny Pictures

    that is justomg hilarious.. hahaha..
  14. thanx for the info bmo..
  15. Rædwulf

    Motivational posters

    so very true..
  16. Rædwulf

    Brave Man

    the set of balls on that man.. lmao..
  17. Rædwulf

    True Or False

    that's nuts..
  18. Rædwulf

    Drinking Troubleshooting Guide

    haha.. that's frickin hilarious bro..
  19. Rædwulf

    Grading of final exams

    haha cute..
  20. Rædwulf

    A Man’s Best Friend

    wow that's a really powerful post..
  21. Rædwulf

    50 Technology Laws

  22. nice info.. thanx uk666..
  23. Rædwulf

    The poor gardener

    haha perfect answer.. lol..
  24. Rædwulf

    Before you leave

    lmao.. that's brilliant..
  25. Rædwulf

    Motivational posters

    i really like this affirmation alot.. thanx neo..