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  1. Rædwulf

    PC Doctor

    ill look in a bit and please do tell what ur issues r.. we might be able to remedy it or find an alternative proggy??
  2. awesome glad to be able to assist u, my friend..
  3. okay, i need to very carefully record the beeps when u first start the computer up.. those beeps r Morse code that tell u the error the computer is recording to tell u what exactly is wrong with it.. u should hear regardless how many beeps, short beeps and long beeps.. tell me the beep process, something like this below >>> long beep, long beep, short beep, long beep..
  4. lots going on wit btc

    1. akaxXx


      i was deeply saddenend  about the loss of your wife


    2. Rædwulf


      thank u for the condolences.. :happy:

  5. yeah actually to tell u the truth, my own damn keyboard just quit on me.. still worked but none of the keys would type except the nav keys above the function keys.. this happened to me at the same time ur problem happened.. so ive been searching feverishly for an answer for mine and urs at the same time.. i found no absolute answer for my problem or urs sorry to say.. i in the end restored to an earlier version using a restore program and it fixed it.. nothing worked at all and i do troubleshooting for a living.. so to have this problem arise at the same time urs did bothered me deeply.. im sorry to say i dont have the url to that tip, but i can say that was the only useful thing on that page sorry to say.. so my finally suggestion is to do what i did and attempt to restore either using system restore or if ur lucky like me another restore program.. good luck, my friend..
  6. Try this here >>> Found by trying: quick swipe over Alt, Win, Fn, Ctrl reproduces this "error" (no h c v t keys), quick swipe over Ctrl, Fn, Win, Alt (opposite direction) brings all the keys back. UPD: Shorter — Fn+Win or Alt+Win or Fn+Alt+Win are the keyboard shortcuts to get in and out of the state when keyboard is ignoring h c v t buttons.
  7. Rædwulf

    Funny Pictures

    JUST GOLD....
  8. Rædwulf

    need help with office 2016 activation using kmsauto

    <<< Successful KMS Activation Using KMSAuto++ With MSFT Office 2016 - Video Tutorial >>> https://www42.zippyshare.com/v/yvpvYQK5/file.html
  9. review here first >>> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4505057/windows-10-update-kb4505057 Download >>> http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4500109 if it resets ur activation, u this here (Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script v7.0) >>> https://www42.zippyshare.com/v/tfmN6JnL/file.html
  10. Rædwulf

    need help with office 2016 activation using kmsauto

    okay heads up, i finally have my virtual desktop in order to test and do a video for u.. sorry it longer then expected, but i have RL & there were a few others ahead of u for test purposes.. u now r in line now, so tomorrow i will install msft 2016, then kms crack it.. then reverse snapshot and then video record the process for u and upload it.. okay, my friend..
  11. i actually reverted to Comodo Firewall, cuz of the options for sandboxing & virtual desktop.. just thought id let u know.. cheers, my friend..
  12. Rædwulf

    Funny Pictures

    can we all say together, lay off the genetic hormone therapy.. lmao..
  13. ur very welcome again.. it wouldn't be in the position to help others as much as i am now days if it wasn't for people in my past that offered their experience & expertise to me when i needed it most a long time ago, and of course schooling helped a lo as well.. for assistance with proper Windows PE's, ie Hiren's BootCD, ect. please start a new thread with the proper title, same goes for malware assistance and id be happy to help u out.. i ask it done this way so it's easy to reference for others if they should come across the same issues.. for some other programs that will really help out for making ur PC better overall, please check out this thread below.. cheers, my friend.. http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/739453-list-of-programs-i-use-to-make-my-computer-run-like-king/ also im offering this and have been for a while.. the position ur in right now.. u might wanna take me up on it.. http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/732711-tips-tricks-to-having-the-best-performance-for-your-computer/
  14. well im pleased everything worked out and the issue is fixed.. that's all that matters.. it's been a pleasure troubleshooting u.. if u have anymore issues please don't hesitate to ask.. below is a video on working on ur keyboard.. cheers, my friend..