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  1. Rædwulf

    My New Computer

    I upgraded my rig a few months ago. I had 2 - 8gb, but they were kind of crappy and I upgraded my gfx card as well. I went from a ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB to a much superior MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC...
  2. Rædwulf

    What's the best android to windows backup software?

    I greatly appreciate the help and thank you as always, Mark...
  3. Rædwulf

    What's the best android to windows backup software?

    Awesome and thank you, Mark. I really appreciate the detail you gave me. Now, I had a Samsung 10+ and the screen broke and constantly flashed so I bought a cheaper model and that was a Samsung A50, but I didn't really care for that model so much. I decided to purchase a BLU G8 and that's where I ran into the problem since Smart Switch only seems to work with other Samsung models and not BLU. I ran through a bunch of different backup programs on both Windows and Android, but they all kind of sucked so I decided to just ask and you didn't disappoint at all. Again, thank you kindly, my friend...
  4. I used some software in the past that sort of worked, but I would absolutely love it if any of you could give me your personal reviews that you all have used? It's specifically for a Samsung 10 to Windows 10. Thank you to anyone that can take the time to help me out...
  5. Rædwulf

    Hello people

    thank you kindly for joining. please follow all posted board rules and have fun. i hope to see you around and if you should have questions, concerns or just general support you only need to ask, cheers...
  6. Rædwulf

    New member

    thank you for joining...
  7. Rædwulf

    LaunchBox Premium for Windows v10.10

    thank you for looking, my friend...
  8. LaunchBox Premium for Windows v10.10 HOMEPAGE https://www.launchbox-app.com I already have the v7.15 Premium, but I see they released v10.10. Now, I don't necessarily mind paying, but that app isn't worth $30 in any universe, so if anyone can assist I'd be much appreciated and thankful. Cheers, my friends...
  9. Rædwulf

    Any Canadian Here [COMPLETED]

    I wish I could help, but I've never lived in Canada. I do wish you the absolute best with your move and everything else...
  10. Rædwulf

    How to get to bios, boot [COMPLETED]

    I haven't used a CRT in about a decade. Man, the scanlines, now those were the days...
  11. Rædwulf

    Any Canadian Here [COMPLETED]

    What sort of info are you looking for, my friend? I maybe able to sort you out. You never know...
  12. Rædwulf

    Win10 Pro Graphic Card issues [COMPLETED]

    Sh*t, I didn't see your last post Slave Trainer, whoops, lmao. I'm very glad you got it all sorted...
  13. Rædwulf

    Win10 Pro Graphic Card issues [COMPLETED]

    My recommendation is to go back to Windows 7 x64. I seriously tried over 13 different types of Windows 10 from every type of variant and every one of them, no matter what, had some sort of driver error. I tried everything after weeks of bullsh*t, I gave up. I installed Windows 7 x64 and poof, it worked magically without errors. I'm sorry I can't give you the magical fix for your problem, my friend. The only thing I can suggest is if your motherboard has multiple x16 slots, try it in the secondary slot, instead of the top primary slot, in congurance with a combination of IOBit Driver Booster Pro and Driver Easy Pro. After you do the fresh install of Windows 10 make sure Windows Update is set to manual, so it doesn't update any drivers and use those programs first. That's all I have for you at the moment, unfortunately, cheers mate...
  14. Sorry, my friend, but I only deal with Windows and Linux. You might want to send Mr Grumpy a private message and ask him. He is a guru when it comes to Mac's, cheers...
  15. Rædwulf

    Nord vpn was hacked

    Yeah, to all of those that are trying to actively mask their activity from government by using Nord or others, this should be a huge red flag to you all. If a hacker can do this, why would you put it past the government's of the 12 eyes to not be able to this or in more of a realistic reality "are" doing this already. I'd say personally if you want to be really secure and I stress really and not totally secure as you will never get that, full anonymity is a unicorn aka myth. I would highly suggest getting a dedicated VPN IP through, whichever you like and then, while using the dedicated, reroute that unique IP through another VPN service provider to go through their normal VPN service, for a double making technique, then run through the onion network. Now, to be this overboard in the first is rather ridiculous, but you never know. I personally use ExpressVPN and I've tried around 8 of the other top providers and was very disappointed mostly with their speeds and customer service, some had major IP leaks as well as DNS leaks with WebRTC leaks. Not good at all as those are basically give your exact location and then, what the hell is the point, lol. ExpressVPN is by far the best for safety, use of service, customer service and of course, the absolute fastest speeds for both direct browsing and downloading and any other peer to peer connecting, such as torrenting. Thank you for the article, my friend...