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  1. Rædwulf

    Nord vpn was hacked

    Yeah, to all of those that are trying to actively mask their activity from government by using Nord or others, this should be a huge red flag to you all. If a hacker can do this, why would you put it past the government's of the 12 eyes to not be able to this or in more of a realistic reality "are" doing this already. I'd say personally if you want to be really secure and I stress really and not totally secure as you will never get that, full anonymity is a unicorn aka myth. I would highly suggest getting a dedicated VPN IP through, whichever you like and then, while using the dedicated, reroute that unique IP through another VPN service provider to go through their normal VPN service, for a double making technique, then run through the onion network. Now, to be this overboard in the first is rather ridiculous, but you never know. I personally use ExpressVPN and I've tried around 8 of the other top providers and was very disappointed mostly with their speeds and customer service, some had major IP leaks as well as DNS leaks with WebRTC leaks. Not good at all as those are basically give your exact location and then, what the hell is the point, lol. ExpressVPN is by far the best for safety, use of service, customer service and of course, the absolute fastest speeds for both direct browsing and downloading and any other peer to peer connecting, such as torrenting. Thank you for the article, my friend...
  2. Rædwulf

    Funny Pictures

    here's a special kind of stupid...
  3. Hello again my friend...  I've been away a lot this summer and haven't paid much attention to the forum.?

    I was wondering if the special access is still available and what the current PW is...?

    Please update me as I've lost the details...

    Hoep the day is good to you...  Brian

    1. Rædwulf


      please reference to the PM i sent you, sir... :sun:

  4. Rædwulf

    HI there

    Glad u found us and joined.. please follow all board rules and enjoy ur new warez home..
  5. Rædwulf

    Funny Pictures

    i simply luv this, frickin hilarious...
  6. Rædwulf

    My New Computer

    okay tech. ill get to it, my friend..
  7. Rædwulf

    PC Doctor

    hard pass.. SM is as bad as an active virus.. choice program is IOBit Advanced SystemCare Pro or Ultimate..
  8. Rædwulf

    My New Computer

    so then u have to choose intel or amd chip, then Nvidia vs radeon card.. personally id choose the new amd & nvidia.. but ur choice matters, then i can design a solid rig from there....
  9. Quick question; Are there any premium account (login and passwords) for VIPs. Seems like there have been limited updates.  Should I get my own for all the downloads available ... Thanks for any assistance....  

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    2. akaxXx


      hi red how you been?  FOR about a yr and a haif micro has been tryin'  to get me to upgrade to full ver of  win10 a  clean sweep. 1was 7 to 10  win upgrade then

      finally i fell for when they said none of your app's will be harmed. after the last restart i was in horror my daw thousands of dollars software synths aw i been slowly building from the ground up and that's barely scratching the surface  my wife said you should sue them i  said why so the lawyers can get all the money   later

    3. Rædwulf


      unfortunately, once u agree to the switch over to windows 10 from 7, u agree to EULA, with that whatever happens isn't their fault. i know it is sh*t, but that is just what it is. please start a thread in the Help Desk and ask exactly what u might need in regards to any assistance in fixing or retrieving anything that the upgrade might have caused u. i will try my damnedest to help u.. okay, my friend.. ;)

    4. akaxXx


      ok thanks my hands xtra shaky today have a goodnight we'll chat soon

  10. Rædwulf

    PC Doctor

    ill look in a bit and please do tell what ur issues r.. we might be able to remedy it or find an alternative proggy??
  11. awesome glad to be able to assist u, my friend..
  12. okay, i need to very carefully record the beeps when u first start the computer up.. those beeps r Morse code that tell u the error the computer is recording to tell u what exactly is wrong with it.. u should hear regardless how many beeps, short beeps and long beeps.. tell me the beep process, something like this below >>> long beep, long beep, short beep, long beep..
  13. lots going on wit btc

    1. akaxXx


      i was deeply saddenend  about the loss of your wife


    2. Rædwulf


      thank u for the condolences.. :happy:

  14. yeah actually to tell u the truth, my own damn keyboard just quit on me.. still worked but none of the keys would type except the nav keys above the function keys.. this happened to me at the same time ur problem happened.. so ive been searching feverishly for an answer for mine and urs at the same time.. i found no absolute answer for my problem or urs sorry to say.. i in the end restored to an earlier version using a restore program and it fixed it.. nothing worked at all and i do troubleshooting for a living.. so to have this problem arise at the same time urs did bothered me deeply.. im sorry to say i dont have the url to that tip, but i can say that was the only useful thing on that page sorry to say.. so my finally suggestion is to do what i did and attempt to restore either using system restore or if ur lucky like me another restore program.. good luck, my friend..
  15. Try this here >>> Found by trying: quick swipe over Alt, Win, Fn, Ctrl reproduces this "error" (no h c v t keys), quick swipe over Ctrl, Fn, Win, Alt (opposite direction) brings all the keys back. UPD: Shorter — Fn+Win or Alt+Win or Fn+Alt+Win are the keyboard shortcuts to get in and out of the state when keyboard is ignoring h c v t buttons.