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  1. Rædwulf

    Sleeping in Church

    omg that hilarious.. hahaha.. lmfao..
  2. Rædwulf

    The Masterpiece

  3. Rædwulf

    300% Impotent

    hahaha 300% too funny.. lmfao..
  4. Rædwulf


    hi shammy..
  5. Rædwulf

    Feeling 18 Again

    oh old lady burn, ouch.. lmao..
  6. Rædwulf

    Black and White

    right.. tough break for the groom..
  7. Rædwulf

    The Husband's Snails

    ahaha.. very tricky..
  8. Rædwulf


    oh my god.. bad wife.. lmao..
  9. Rædwulf

    France Customs

    oh snap.. burn to the customs officer.. this one is great.. good laugh..
  10. Rædwulf


    oh hard belly laugh.. hahaha.. that caught me totally off guard.. too funny..
  11. Rædwulf

    Where the heck have you been?

    hahaha.. BS hilarious.. good one bmo.. lmao..
  12. Rædwulf

    Post your internet connection speed

    so my son and i r moving into our new place in town, so i can get cable internet.. instead of the unreliable satellite internet which only had a max speed of 25mbps.. can u say slow.. lol.. so our new speed isn't anything like Tech's 1.1gbps.. buts still crazy fast enough for me.. ill be getting a 100mbps connection, which makes me a very happy man..
  13. Rædwulf

    Write your name in Japanese

  14. Rædwulf


    haha.. very slick chief.. lol..
  15. Rædwulf

    Notice notice

    #toomanynoticesbrainonfire.. lmao..