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  1. Rædwulf

    The woman & the frog

    haha lol..
  2. Rædwulf

    Stars turn out for Stephen Hawking memorial

    very nice story..
  3. Rædwulf

    Bye Bye

  4. Rædwulf

    Childhood Sweethearts

    lol.. very cute joke..
  5. cute.. another failed attempt by me yet again..
  6. Rædwulf

    What Program is this user using?

    awesome u figured it out britney.. i truly had no clue..
  7. Rædwulf

    A Husbands Moment Of Realization

    HAHAHA.. too funny..
  8. Rædwulf

    How to medicate Cats & Dogs

    lol so true..
  9. still dont get it.. i come up with 25 every time.. oh well.. nvm.. miss counted fry containers..
  10. yeah epic fail.. thanx for making me feel like retard uk666..
  11. looks awesome id try for sure..
  12. that was f'in awesome..
  13. Rædwulf

    27 Funny Things My Mother Taught Me

    agreed i know for a fact i heard almost everyone of those from my mom growing up, lmao.. nice thread uk666..
  14. Rædwulf

    Fill In The Blanks Puzzle

    same here lol.. i got one right, random.. guess i failed too..