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  1. MasatoEM

    Logo and FB Setup for a thing I'm doing

    You guys cant see them O,.,O ... ok.. I'll reup lol
  2. So, as many of you know, I am all about getting into business and doing things. Well, this little side project is starting to come along, I am still preparing a business plan for it, however, this is what I've got done on the logo and Facebook stuffs and I wanted to share it with you guys and get some feedback I'm not 100% on the logo but at the same time, I am really just feeling it.
  3. MasatoEM

    iOS App Design

    Awesome work man, congratulations on your launch! Keep up the great work brother!
  4. MasatoEM

    Another UI/UX Showcase

    Nice clean concept, good look too it. What is the purpose of your UI?
  5. MasatoEM

    [GIFT] Raedwulf

    Alright, so I needed another break from web dev stuffs, and I decided to go ahead and try my hand at my old style and technique. I gotta say I am not displeased with how much of it I remembered. Here ya go Raedwulf! Cheers!
  6. MasatoEM

    [GIFT] CyberGod Signature

    Thanks everyone
  7. MasatoEM

    [GIFT] CyberGod Signature

    So, I needed to de-gunk my brain with a bit of creativity, and I felt practicing some animation would be fine to do that. So I put thogether this signature for CyberGod
  8. I think I don't know who is going to be in the super bowl because I don't watch it. Too many people yelling at a TV makes me laugh too much to care about the game. What was the last software you tried that was new to you?
  9. MasatoEM

    [REQ] StarDock Fences Latest Version

    Looks like this patch is the same that I found, I guess they really did fix it At least it's only a $10 soft.
  10. I'm going to guess it's FF13 or 7 If you could invest into a cryptocurrency other than bitcoin, which one would you want?
  11. MasatoEM

    [REQ] StarDock Fences Latest Version

    Vurr hawt, thank you <3 I will respond to verify patch.
  12. ▼▼ Sometimes Things Get Complicated - MasatoEM - PSD Download MediaFire ▼▼ I made this piece directly after having a super terrible CORRUPTED Photoshop sadness go down. My 3D was completely grayed out, and overall functionality was essentially hit and miss, I finally got this thing doing what it needs to with a fresh installation. I've also decided to share the PSD with you all as well via MediaFire since you know, sometimes things get complicated This art was inspired by both the complication of the Photoshop, and Deadmau5's song "Sometimes Things Get Complicated". Though I wasn't listening to it at the time of creation (actually The Simpsons was on), I made this wallpaper. Hope the PSD is useful to you all in some way DOWNLOAD "Sometimes Things Get Complicated" 1080p Wallpaper PSD for FREE at CyberPhoenix.org Graphics Section by MasatoEM - MediaFire link (CyberPhoenix Exclusive PSD): https://www.mediafire.com/view/qza47abdnbm98w6/SometimesThingsGetComplicated.psd Terms of Use - You must be a CyberPhoenix Member - That's it.. you can do what ever you want I really don't care. - Seriously... I don't care :|
  13. MasatoEM

    FB Header for a company

    Yep All around legal I just can't wait for my domain age to increase so I can start really ranking on Google.
  14. Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has the latest version of StarDock Fences? I have but I think it's corrupted, I can't make any fences actually work.
  15. I've been diving around the web, but I am just looking for a complete collection of the latest versions of everything to truly beta-test the necessity of Elite VS Free. I have the latest version of the main plugin, I just need all add-ons. Anyone with an elite setup able to share with me? Cheers.