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  1. Blu_Thunder

    Welcome our new Staff Leaders

    Wanted to congratulate before the end of the Decade... Here's to 2020...
  2. Blu_Thunder

    Seasons Greetings from Cyberphoenix

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade...
  3. Quick question; Are there any premium account (login and passwords) for VIPs. Seems like there have been limited updates.  Should I get my own for all the downloads available ... Thanks for any assistance....  

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    2. akaxXx


      hi red how you been?  FOR about a yr and a haif micro has been tryin'  to get me to upgrade to full ver of  win10 a  clean sweep. 1was 7 to 10  win upgrade then

      finally i fell for when they said none of your app's will be harmed. after the last restart i was in horror my daw thousands of dollars software synths aw i been slowly building from the ground up and that's barely scratching the surface  my wife said you should sue them i  said why so the lawyers can get all the money   later

    3. Rædwulf


      unfortunately, once u agree to the switch over to windows 10 from 7, u agree to EULA, with that whatever happens isn't their fault. i know it is sh*t, but that is just what it is. please start a thread in the Help Desk and ask exactly what u might need in regards to any assistance in fixing or retrieving anything that the upgrade might have caused u. i will try my damnedest to help u.. okay, my friend.. ;)

    4. akaxXx


      ok thanks my hands xtra shaky today have a goodnight we'll chat soon

  4. Thanks for the 411. Plenty of nuggets around if you look hard enough......
  5. Blu_Thunder

    Most useful sites Mine

    Always finding treasures here... Thanks for the share....
  6. Blu_Thunder

    i m new

    Welcome oesys001 and Happy New Year...
  7. Blu_Thunder

    Great magazine site

    Very interesting, very cool... Great. Thanks
  8. Blu_Thunder

    5 Riddles

    Love riddles... Will have to share....Great Ones...
  9. Blu_Thunder

    True Or False

    Bad boy I am.. Cheated....
  10. Thanks for the 411. Have the 7 and looking to see any info...
  11. Bought the 7 last year. Included free upgrade, have to see all the fact first. Thanks for the preview.
  12. Blu_Thunder

    Useful website after reinstalling...

    Forgot or lost this extremely fantastic site....THANKS...
  13. Blu_Thunder

    Free Serial Numbers, Product Keys & Serial Keys

    Great site..Thanks
  14. Blu_Thunder

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the Best....
  15. Blu_Thunder

    Hello CP Community!

    Enjoy your stay...Consider this a great home away from enjoy. Again Welcome