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  1. Thanks for the 411. Plenty of nuggets around if you look hard enough......
  2. Blu_Thunder

    Most useful sites Mine

    Always finding treasures here... Thanks for the share....
  3. Blu_Thunder

    i m new

    Welcome oesys001 and Happy New Year...
  4. Blu_Thunder

    Great magazine site

    Very interesting, very cool... Great. Thanks
  5. Blu_Thunder

    5 Riddles

    Love riddles... Will have to share....Great Ones...
  6. Blu_Thunder

    True Or False

    Bad boy I am.. Cheated....
  7. Thanks for the 411. Have the 7 and looking to see any info...
  8. Bought the 7 last year. Included free upgrade, have to see all the fact first. Thanks for the preview.
  9. Blu_Thunder

    Useful website after reinstalling...

    Forgot or lost this extremely fantastic site....THANKS...
  10. Blu_Thunder

    Free Serial Numbers, Product Keys & Serial Keys

    Great site..Thanks
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the Best....
  12. Blu_Thunder

    Hello CP Community!

    Enjoy your stay...Consider this a great home away from enjoy. Again Welcome
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    Howdy Folks!

    Hey old timer, glad to see someone else who remembers "When the Beatles Were Together" When the job gets boring, check out all you can. You can spend hours looking around and finding tidbits of things you would never imagine was available. Welcome again.....
  14. Blu_Thunder

    From Serbia

    Welcome to Cyberphonix... Just ask and hope you enjoy the stay...
  15. Blu_Thunder

    Year of your birth !

    Great find. I'm sure that everyone would like to know this kind of information. I won't say my year but I glad I can remember what was revealed.