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  1. Quick question; Are there any premium account (login and passwords) for VIPs. Seems like there have been limited updates.  Should I get my own for all the downloads available ... Thanks for any assistance....  

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    2. akaxXx


      hi red how you been?  FOR about a yr and a haif micro has been tryin'  to get me to upgrade to full ver of  win10 a  clean sweep. 1was 7 to 10  win upgrade then

      finally i fell for when they said none of your app's will be harmed. after the last restart i was in horror my daw thousands of dollars software synths aw i been slowly building from the ground up and that's barely scratching the surface  my wife said you should sue them i  said why so the lawyers can get all the money   later

    3. Rædwulf


      unfortunately, once u agree to the switch over to windows 10 from 7, u agree to EULA, with that whatever happens isn't their fault. i know it is sh*t, but that is just what it is. please start a thread in the Help Desk and ask exactly what u might need in regards to any assistance in fixing or retrieving anything that the upgrade might have caused u. i will try my damnedest to help u.. okay, my friend.. ;)

    4. akaxXx


      ok thanks my hands xtra shaky today have a goodnight we'll chat soon

  2. Thanks for the 411. Plenty of nuggets around if you look hard enough......
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    Always finding treasures here... Thanks for the share....
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    Welcome oesys001 and Happy New Year...
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    Bad boy I am.. Cheated....
  8. Thanks for the 411. Have the 7 and looking to see any info...
  9. Bought the 7 last year. Included free upgrade, have to see all the fact first. Thanks for the preview.
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    Forgot or lost this extremely fantastic site....THANKS...
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    Hey old timer, glad to see someone else who remembers "When the Beatles Were Together" When the job gets boring, check out all you can. You can spend hours looking around and finding tidbits of things you would never imagine was available. Welcome again.....
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    From Serbia

    Welcome to Cyberphonix... Just ask and hope you enjoy the stay...