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[Tutorial] Animated .gifs

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I made this tut as you can see by the date way before i just posted this for noobs with photoshop :D


This Thread will show you how to make some basic animations with Photoshop.


Step 1: Open a new document. I'm going to use a size of 1000px x 500px for this tutorial.





Step 2: Add a new layer (shift+control+n) and paint(1) a 50px cricle(2) into that layer(3).




Step 3: Go to: Windows(1), and click on Animation(2). A window on the bottom will appear(3).

Note: Click that button(4) to change displaymodes if it looks diffrent.





Step 4: Set the delaytimer(1) to "No delay"(2) and duplicate the frame 3 times(3).



Step 5: Click on the secound frame(1) and move(2) the cricle(3). Do the same with the third frame(4).








Step 6: Press Ctrl and klick on frame 1 & 4(1). Doubleklick on the circle layer(2) and enable coloroverlay(3). Change the color to red and hit "okay"(4). Click on the second frame and change his circles color to blue. Do the same with your third frame, but pick green instead of blue.





Step 7a: Select frame 1 and 2 by pressing Ctrl and clicking on them(1). Now click on the "add frames" button(2) and change the value to 18(3), them hit "okay"(4).

Note: More frames would make a smoother movement but also slows down the movement and increases filesize. Examples below!





Step 7b: Repeat step 7a with frame 20 & 21. Repeat it again with frame 39 & 40. You should have 58 frames by now. Select frame 58(1) and delete it(2).

Note: Frame 1 and 58 are the same and we just need one of them.





Step 8: Press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S. A window should appear. Set the loop to endless(1) and save it.(2)





Done! it should look like this now:

57 frames:



600 frames:




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I dont know why is writing "posted image" but this happened to me more than once i just had to upload to different image hoster

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But the images were there when i posted this thread and without the images the tut is useless bcz most of the tut is with the images

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