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Add day of week to taskbar clock in Windows 8 | 7

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Add day of week to taskbar clock in Windows 8 | 7


In this post we will see how to add the day of the week, that is, Monday, Tuesday, etc to the system tray clock in the Taskbar Notification area in Windows 8 or Windows 7.


Add day of week to taskbar


Press Win+X in Windows 8 to bring up the WinX Menu. From it, choose ‘Control Panel’ and then, select Region.


Now, from the ‘Region’ window that appears on your computer screen, select ‘Additional Settings’ button.




Next, from the ‘Customize Format’ window, choose the ‘Date’ tab.


Under Short date add ddd in the beginning. That is, make the Short date as ddd-dd-MM-yy. In this case only 3 alphabets will be displayed. viz. Mon. If you prefer the full day displayed viz Monday, then use dddd-dd-MM-yy. Using a comma instead of the hyphen, will make a comma display. Try and see if ddd, dd-MM-yy suits you. Put the day after the date by using dd-MM-yy, ddd if you wish.


Play around and see what suits you the best. Click Apply / OK and exit.


You will now see the day of the week to displayed in the taskbar.




As always, Thank You for your time and I hope you found this How To of interest

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