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Apple releases iOS 11.3 software update

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Apple releases iOS 11.3 with Battery Health, Health Records, Business Chat and more


Starting today, Apple has released the latest iOS 11.3 software update with new features like a battery health tool, new animoji, newer version of Apple ARKit, business chat and the ability to turn off processor throttling for iPhones with ageing batteries. 

OS 11.3 brings a new Battery Health Tool feature to show the long-term battery status of an iPhone and to inform users whether a battery needs to be replaced. 

The company has been quietly throttling iPhones and many people with an older iPhone experienced surprisingly slow performance. After the investigation, Apple apologised for not publicly disclosing why it is doing this and explained that it has started artificially slowing down iPhones with older batteries in iOS 10.2.1 was to prevent an even more serious issue that is typical with older batteries.

OS 11.3 also adds enhancements to Apple Music and Apple News, as well as bringing Apple Pay to transit systems in Beijing and Shanghai, the Apple TV app to Brazil and Mexico, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) features to automatically send a user’s current location when making a call to emergency services. 

HomeKit support for software authentication that Apple announced last June, allowing developers to securely roll out HomeKit support to existing accessories without having to re-engineer hardware to include Apple hardware authentication chips.


On the fun side, there are four new Animoji

Many users are saying: iOS 11.3 makes their devices run smoother, that could be one important reason to upgrade.

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