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Bumper Stickers for College Students

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Bumper Stickers for College Students


  1. Hang up and drive.
  2. Your college sucks.
  3. You Off my planet!
  4. I is a college student.
  5. Boldly going nowhere.
  6. If you’re rich, I’m single.
  7. Eat right, exercise, die anyway.
  8. Ask me about my vow of silence.
  9. Forget the flag. Burn a politician.
  10. Warning! I brake for hallucinations.
  11. Give me coffee and no one gets hurt.
  12. If the music’s too loud you’re too old.
  13. Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
  14. A fool and his money are a girl’s best friend.
  15. Earn cash in your spare time…Blackmail friends.
  16. I said “no” to drugs, but they just wouldn’t listen.
  17. Alcohol and calculus don’t mix. Never drink and derive.
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