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The parrot 

A lady, goes into a pet store and sees a large, beautiful parrot. 

She notices that the price tag was only fifty dollars. Puzzled, she asks the proprietor why such a beautiful bird was only fifty dollars. 

He replied that the bird used to live in a brothel and its language was rude, hence the low fifty-dollar price.

The woman was so enamoured by the bird's beauty that she bought it and took it home. 

She put the cage on the table and uncovered it. The bird looks around and says, 'New house, new madam'. 

The woman thought the language wasn't so bad and she could live with that. 

Half an hour later her two daughters came in for a visit. The bird looked around and said. 'New house, new madam, new girls". 

The woman thought that was not too bad.

Later that afternoon the woman's husband arrived home from work. The bird looks around, recognise the man from the brothel and says.

'Hi Bill’……

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