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Prayers Backlog

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Prayers Backlog


God is completely happy; he has cleared all the backlog of prayers of his follower's and his none follower's.

  1. Kids: I wish we had no school and play all day. ~ Done.
  2. Women: I want the undivided attention of my husband. ~ Done.
  3. Husbands: I'm sick of this traffic, I wish I could work from home. ~ Done.
  4. Working Moms: I wish I could spend some quality time with my kids and read. ~  Done.
  5. Students: I wish I had no exams. ~ Done.
  6. Old Parents: I wish our kids could spend more time with us rather than being busy every-day. ~ Done.
  7. Friend: I wishing for everyone to be quiet and leave me alone.  ~ Done.
  8. Employee: I'm slogging too much, need a break. ~ Done.
  9. Employers: I have no life of my own, I wish could relax. ~ Done.
  10. Earth: I can’t breathe, I wish I could get a break from all this pollution and chaos. ~ Done.

Beware of what you wish - You might just get it.... Without Warning.

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